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That's Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue

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Have you ever noticed how airplane seats are almost always blue, and have you ever wondered if there’s a special reason for that? We’re going to answer this and other popular plane-related questions and also help you pick the best seat aboard as a bonus. With the stress and apprehension that comes with traveling, especially by air, airlines understood that it’s important to calm passengers down and reassure them that everything’s gonna be alright. It turns out blue is the perfect color to send that message. As for materials, the seats can be upholstered with either faux leather or fabric. As a rule, in aircrafts used for long-distance flights, like transatlantic ones, the seats are upholstered with fabric because it’s more breathable for the skin, so passengers won’t sweat, chafe, or experience any discomfort. Tracks on the floor of the aircraft allow rows of seats to be organized at the airline’s discretion, so companies take advantage of this in order to install as many seats as they can physically cram into the space. That’s why plane windows don’t line up with the seats. Most planes are painted white to save money on fuel. The heavier the plane is (and it gets heavier when painted), the more fuel it needs. The color white also reflects light better, which means the plane won’t overheat because of the sun’s rays. Plus, white makes it easier to notice cracks, leaks, and any other damage that needs to be fixed. The temperature onboard is kept close to freezing for a reason. Many airplane passengers get hypoxia, which is when a person is more likely to faint at high altitudes than on the ground. It happens when bodily tissues don’t get enough oxygen. To minimize the risk of it, airlines keep the temperature low. Music: Rondo Brothers - Special Ed https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS Why are the seats blue? 0:50 Fabric or leather? 2:41 Why don’t plane windows line up with the seats? 3:53 Why are planes white? 4:53 Why is it so cold on planes? 6:07 Where do the pilots sleep? 7:27 Bonus: how to choose the best seat 8:40 SUMMARY -According to scientists, most people associate the color blue with reliability and safety, which is essential even for travelers who don’t suffer from aerophobia. Blue slows down your heart rate and relaxes tension. -As a rule, in aircrafts used for long-distance flights, the seats are upholstered with fabric because it’s more breathable for the skin. Artificial leather works great for short flights. It’s extremely wearproof, and even spilled drinks don’t stain it. -Plane windows don’t line up with the seats because airlines care about profits and try to install as many seats as they can physically cram into the space. -Planes are white out of economy: paint can make a plane anywhere from 600-1,200 lbs heavier, and the heavier the aircraft is, the more fuel it needs. -To minimize the risk of passengers fainting, airlines keep the temperature and air pressure in the cabin really low. -On flights that are longer than 10½ hours, pilots take turns resting in private bunks for the crew. In case there’s no special rest area onboard or if the flight isn’t that long, pilots take a break in the seat rows within or near the cockpit or even in the passenger cabin. -If you don’t want to listen to the hum of the engine throughout your whole flight, then choose a seat closer to the airplane’s nose. If you’re tall, be sure to sit next to the emergency exit. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (7 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS Why are the seats blue? 0:50 Fabric or leather? 2:41 Why don’t plane windows line up with the seats? 3:53 Why are planes white? 4:53 Why is it so cold on planes? 6:07 Where do the pilots sleep? 7:27 Bonus: how to choose the best seat 8:40
Taiba pinapple (12 days ago)
Bill Gray (14 days ago)
I love you baby
Mikah Uy (20 days ago)
I Think 🤔 The Seats Are Blue Because Why Not Are The Seats Blue Or Maybe More Boy Are In The Plane Or Airplane And Some Girls???✈️✈️🤗🤗😊😊😘😘💺💺
Alan D (23 days ago)
I LUV PIZZA (1 month ago)
Crystal Cox (9 hours ago)
no it's becuz they're sad chairs
Milla the fan n (19 hours ago)
Almost always? 😂
Itai Barkan 1412 (20 hours ago)
9:39 If you sit near the aisle there are more chances to be sick, Sit near the window and Dont get sick
Im always hot when im flying not cold am i diffrent?🤭
lovdusk (2 days ago)
i literally hate blue and i want my own private customed airplane
I went on a flight and the crew sleeper up stairs and the floor was covered in mattresses
Richard zhong (2 days ago)
3:53.so greedy
kobi hershkovitz (2 days ago)
The seat color surprised me Afaik, airlines know about the emergency exits being the best seats and they charge more for them - the first row behind first class is better as it has the last space and reclines, but that's in long haul flight not short stuffy three hour low cost inter-europe flights
Fan Facts (4 days ago)
Most are blue but the airline WizzAir. Has pink seats.
Hi random people scrolling down
Intidee 3hundred3 (4 days ago)
Hotel? Trivago
itz Musawer (4 days ago)
Useless information ℹ️
Noreen Amin (4 days ago)
I have been on a plane that had maroon colored seats on both long and short flight.....
Toxic_acid (4 days ago)
0:00 fσя ѕєℓℓ
Toxic_acid (4 days ago)
AzK Destroy (4 days ago)
Sooriya Thavamani (5 days ago)
Atomic Blader (5 days ago)
I never knew this, good job
Maiasaura Fox (5 days ago)
Maiasaura Fox (5 days ago)
Not on Ethiopian airlines
TheLyingTruthTeller (5 days ago)
The seats are blue to match the pills the sheeple are always swallowing. Red seats would lead to a demand for red pills, leading to the end of the psychopathic elite's control of the world.
This is a Person (5 days ago)
L&NGaming (5 days ago)
I’m going to Germany at the end of may 2019
Aliyan Zahid (6 days ago)
don't try to read more read more
BerserkTheKid (6 days ago)
I’m sure I’ll never need this information in my life.
Tess Interlicchia (6 days ago)
i love yore vids
Noben 3 (6 days ago)
Sylwia Slapa (6 days ago)
L Lo Lov Love
matthew zhang (7 days ago)
nizam syed (8 days ago)
this makes me knowledge!
Dinil Dinesh (8 days ago)
What about *GREEN?* They calm us down too and that's why they use it during hospital operations.
Edward Hicks (8 days ago)
goingshort (8 days ago)
American Airlines jets are grey or silver
Sniper Lewis15 (8 days ago)
Can I just say that easy jet seats are black and orange
BlueEyes WhiteDrake (8 days ago)
about seats: there is also safety that you might want to know about.
Areeba Khan (8 days ago)
Judy Rodrigues (10 days ago)
MacKaris (11 days ago)
#4 has nothing to do with the weight, as the colour white is a coat of paint just like any other colour. If they wanted to save weight, they'd just polish the metal and leave the plane unpainted. I believe some airlines might even do that. The main benefit of white in comparison with other colours is that it doesn't fade in the sunlight, so it doesn't need to be resprayed so often. Also the simpler the paint scheme, the cheaper it is to apply, I presume. The other factors mentioned in the video are also true.
Allen Sze (11 days ago)
Allen Sze (11 days ago)
FISHNWHIPS (12 days ago)
Whats the song called?
Gauri Salvi (13 days ago)
Coolest channel ever
Samson Pagunsan (14 days ago)
thanks for the tips.
Carrot cake Drink 9090 (15 days ago)
Awesome vid. I love this vid cause I love bright side and planes. I wanna be a pilot
Navpreet singh (15 days ago)
Wow thnks
Sawyer Swierb (15 days ago)
Awesome 😎***
AndyCar Vlogs (16 days ago)
Thank you great information 👍
adimw (17 days ago)
46 second intro consisting of mindless rambling... no i will not subscribe and now I'm closing the video.
Oscar McCormack (18 days ago)
The seats and the windows are actually the other way round. There are always more windows than rows of seats
Alex Zimmerman (18 days ago)
godfrey kahwili (19 days ago)
Ian Hollis (19 days ago)
From memory, JetStar economy seats were grey, and in business class, they were black.
Naomi Rutherford (19 days ago)
you are a bit BARING
Cyrus Gray (20 days ago)
So I might need the emergency exit seats
Cyrus Gray (20 days ago)
I’m 13 and 5’10
Cyrus Gray (20 days ago)
But I’m really tall
Cyrus Gray (20 days ago)
I love airplanes
Miguel Botes (20 days ago)
I've seen 2-4-2 seating
[Content Deleted ] (20 days ago)
I heard a plane while watching
elizabeth dang (20 days ago)
so cool and amazing
Huaishan Xi (21 days ago)
the bonus was useless to me
DutchJake (22 days ago)
Cold planes?? Ive been on 10 - 12 flights and ALL of them were way too hot. Not even the airco can help with that...
Ali Batla (22 days ago)
My favourite one is Where do pilots sleep
Ryan Refugio (23 days ago)
Niceee Thank you for the information. 🙏
intensetattoos (23 days ago)
Lucky SMC12 (23 days ago)
Ttv EliminateKing (23 days ago)
oh yeah yeah
Excalibur (23 days ago)
I have a question. Why does white paint have to do with weight? I would think American used bare aluminum because of this reason, but finally abandoned it because of the costs of deoxidizing the aluminum cost more than the loss of fuel because of paint weight. But, what does white have to do with weight?
James Fuller (23 days ago)
When you remove the waffle: the colour blue calms the passengers, dirt stains etc are less visible. Long distance is fabric as it’s more breathable, fake leather is spillproof and more durable. Windows don’t line up with seats because airlines put more seats in, so it messes up the lining. They are white because it’s more efficient, weight and cost, and won’t overheat, and will show up cracks etc, and easier to spot if it crashes. It’s cold to prevent health issues, such as fainting. Pilots sleep in private bunks (A380 has it below decks), most planes share bathrooms with staff and customers, apart from the b747, and a few others. Closer to front is quieter, and meals are served first. Tall people sit near emergency exit, but they don’t recline.
Farah Abukias (11 days ago)
James Fuller thank you
Poynton Tube (23 days ago)
Why still blue not green
borislav davidovic (24 days ago)
Vikraanth Sinha (25 days ago)
You should choose a seat right behind the wing, so you don’t have to hear the engine sound an still get a good view
Unicorn lover (24 days ago)
My family always has it XD
My dad is a pilot👨and he didn't know that where do you get this information ,?????????????????😂😂😂😂
Madness YT (25 days ago)
1:08 calm passengers down? *cough* not when there's a plane crash *cough*
rodu (24 days ago)
Jus sayin, plane crashes have a 1 in 11million chance of happenin
The Original Kebabian (26 days ago)
Im currently looking at flights to see my IBF as I was watching this video
Jet2 isn’t
at 3:51 they showed a lady sleeping in a ryanair seat
Joshua 윤호 Han (27 days ago)
no if you're tall book business/ first class
charbren 888 (28 days ago)
anybody know who the artist is in the background; I wana buy that cd.???Any one, any one.
charbren 888 (28 days ago)
associate. Go down on the price, I don't care what color the seats are.
charbren 888 (28 days ago)
I hope he doesn't spend 45 minuets telling me why the seats are blue.
Victoria sozos (29 days ago)
I have been on a red one before
時IceY H (29 days ago)
*_But Can It Be 6-6-6?_*
Dave R (29 days ago)
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freindforu (30 days ago)
Nice informative video!! Though I travelled a few times still didnt know some facts which u mentioned here!!
Yana Bogdanova (30 days ago)
Honestly when im stressed or have an anxiety during shakey airplane i don't look at seats lol
Rolf Sagun (30 days ago)
Bonus tip "how to pick best seat" or in other words sponsorship😂
Quang Luong (1 month ago)
NASA MAN (1 month ago)
And the hostest was chocked untill she was blue in the face.
Vigna Suresh (1 month ago)
BluBird B (1 month ago)
To get to the point: 0:51
Charles Clay (1 month ago)
Dariy’s vlogs (1 month ago)
The dreaded middle seat
David Maslak (1 month ago)
DIY by Agatha (1 month ago)
I have never been to an airplane
Sal's-In-Africa (1 month ago)
Nice vedio
JAMESMANHUNT9 (1 month ago)
ive been lucky enough to fly to colorado and get a seat in the front row of economy and then get a wing exit seat on the way back

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