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Cute bull Terrier puppy

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The bull Terrier club
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Text Comments (13)
Ernest mistic (22 days ago)
que belleza😍
BullTerrier Force (1 month ago)
Wow :-)
Pets&Animal (1 month ago)
so cute love love
Justin Lunn (1 month ago)
Early training, great dog! Little bewdy ❤️
da Kowi (1 month ago)
🙈so cute
Bear Nicholas (1 month ago)
Hope she does not cut her ears
Captain Dangler (1 month ago)
Bear Nicholas it’s a Bull Terrier. You don’t cut their ears. They stand up automatically as they get older. One day you’ll look and it will be the left ear standing. Then the right one will be up but the left one is down. Eventually, they stand up by themselves. No torture required!
Max Hajek (1 month ago)
Soooo cute 😍😍😍😍
Alexandra Boja (1 month ago)
Jose Martins Santos (1 month ago)
É muito fofinho Lindo❤❤👏👏👍👍
Estrella Hermosillo (1 month ago)
I wanna cradle it
N A (1 month ago)
Roxana Le Bert (1 month ago)
Que hermoso el perrito Jajaja regalame uno Soy de chile

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