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(man about) Mirror Glaze Cakes | Man About Cake with Joshua John Russell

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Keep calm and shine on. Get JJR's supplies to make this galaxy mirror glaze dome --- http://craftsy.me/2nIrWMk Get JJR's chocolate mirror glaze recipe --- http://craftsy.me/2nIALG8 Get JJR's chocolate cake recipe --- http://craftsy.me/2nfhnxn More recipes & inspiration from this episode here --- http://craftsy.me/2mMPzUE Ready to recreate these cake designs? Don't keep 'em to yourself! Tag your photos with #manaboutcake to spread the goodness. About this show ----------------- Sink your teeth into current cake decorating trends! In the Man About Cake series, you'll pick up incredible tips for creating modern masterpieces from cake designer Joshua John Russell. Each week, he decorates an original cake, shares his favorite recipes and gives pointers for designing like a pro. About Joshua John Russell ------------------ Cake artist Joshua John Russell knows there's more to a gorgeous cake than meets the eye — and he's ready to share his secrets. He may be known for cracking jokes in the kitchen, but he's serious about showing you how to build beautiful cakes. From towering tiers to delicate details, his smart tips and pulse on cake trends will have you inspired to try out these techniques in your own kitchen! Follow Craftsy ----------------- www.facebook.com/CakeDecoratingClub www.instagram.com/becraftsy/ www.pinterest.com/Craftsy/cake-decoratin­g-ideas-tips/ http://www.twitter.com/becraftsy
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Text Comments (203)
Man About Cake (2 years ago)
Hey all! If you're new to the show, be sure to subscribe to the Man About Cake channel for new episodes! :)
Rachel Lynne (10 months ago)
Man About Cake I love your t-shirt ! 🤗
vanessa tapia (10 months ago)
Man About Cake o
K9 Lib (1 year ago)
Can you make a hockey cake
Jorge Sanchez (1 year ago)
Man About Cake. Te felicitacion a ud y su equipo .muy esplicito .en las tuteria de pasteles.gracias. su amirador y fans .
Lil_tianna _12 (1 year ago)
Man About Cake q
LuLa 6669 RRkks (3 months ago)
I really like your T-shirt.
Sumeera Hassan (6 months ago)
Trinity hilton (7 months ago)
Moon stone is my birth stone
LoraLou DJ Flowerdove (7 months ago)
Well, I WAS gonna say something about how the guy doesn't even bother to show how to make these items, from scratch, and keeps using purchased, ready-mades, buuuut...keep scrolling. LMAO/SMH - Wow.
Madison Mann (9 months ago)
Lame sauce! C'mon JJR... Mirror Glaze episode and you didn't even make the mirror glaze. You had one job!
Maggie Pimm (9 months ago)
love your T-shirt
Loyne Sardon (9 months ago)
why don't a Earth cake
Jonny Wu (10 months ago)
Why don’t you make a decision cake with a doll in it
Elafi Milo (10 months ago)
Aah, he's so widdle!
Maya Boodhoo (11 months ago)
can you make slime
PATRICIA FELICIANO (11 months ago)
Danielle White (1 year ago)
Can u make a pool cake super glazed with someone on a pool floaty
Vuyo Mcunu (1 year ago)
I'm obsessed with grey. so I saved this vid so I can steal the design of the kitchen
Valerie Sultan (1 year ago)
I mean the water color effect
Valerie Sultan (1 year ago)
How to you do your glaze some recipes are not so good,
Charlie Durre-Hart (1 year ago)
i went to a chocolate factory and i had some coco nibes
Anna Meister (1 year ago)
Hannah's life (1 year ago)
what do u do with the cake u don't eat.
Abby Christensen (1 year ago)
This cake is so cool
Gabby Denniston (1 year ago)
"Looks like the world!" (Angels singing in the background) Hilarious!! Love the cake!
44lovetodance (1 year ago)
I enjoyed the video however rather disappointed that you did not actually show how to make the glaze.
Adriannepargeter (1 year ago)
i wanted to ask when you say freezer do you mean -18 freezer or fridge? wanted to check as from England i know things are different to you guys in the us
Jason Ebert (1 year ago)
u just recorded one of his vids to get subscribers!!!!!!!
socialis_anxietatem (1 year ago)
Here is a question that might be stupid. For the glaze does it have to be dark chocolate if not how do you make milk chocolate glaze(not a big fan of Dark chocolate).
Gini Okoli (1 year ago)
What do you mean with „getting the excess glaze off“???? What is excess glaze ??? :D is there such a thing like „excess glaze“????? :D Love your videos tho
Raindrop cake
K9 Lib (1 year ago)
Can you make a hockey cake
L S (1 year ago)
Im so hungry for cake now
Joomun Sameera (1 year ago)
soooooo coool!😍😍😍
Just-Joeying (1 year ago)
Please do a collab with Yolanda from How to Cake It!!
Rachel Martinez (1 year ago)
Xiao Lin (1 year ago)
The second one is like the earth.
Extra Faded (1 year ago)
Can you make a giant hamster cake
Rosie Mandala (1 year ago)
My dad calls you Josh Mc John Russell😣
AwkwardRaisin Potato (1 year ago)
i have never seen a man that loves gold
Ayesha Waqar (1 year ago)
I can't believe you don't have million subscribers
Gracie’s Vlogs (1 year ago)
Can you make a vinilla unicorn cake please 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Javi (1 year ago)
Would you be able to stack this kind of cake? Like 2 tiers or so. If so would you have to glaze them separately and then stack them? Please help
Sarah Stribling (1 year ago)
Why do you trim the sides of all your cakes? Won't the crumb coat even it out?
LunyMoon17 (1 year ago)
This is the second video where you either 1) made a second cake/decorations the day before 2) are wearing the same shirt the next day...
Sarah Spellman (1 year ago)
new favorite channel
Grace Greenawalt (2 years ago)
Joshua, will you please make my wedding cake?????
kivs don (2 years ago)
I thought the second one was meant to be planet earth :')
Darren (2 years ago)
Do you have to heat the Glaze Gel for the colorful Dome cake as well?
WizardPandora (1 year ago)
Darren yes
MeowMC27 (2 years ago)
like if you liker his shirt
Dustin Lopez (2 years ago)
why do some mirror cake recipes call for light corn syrup and some don't?
Saumya Tandon (2 years ago)
The cakes you make are some of the most aesthetically balanced cakes I've come across on the internet. So glad these don't give the 'plastic-y' vibe. Although i wonder what can you create without using fondant (for a series of cakes) since it's the sureshot way of making cakes look great.
sheida. tv (2 years ago)
Hi can I download your videos? and push my telegram group because my family live Iran and there YouTube is filter
Eiffel Solstice (2 years ago)
Hey there person scrolling down below ! :D I'm a youtuber that started out a while ago, and I'm trying to get noticed more, you should check out my channel and subscribe when you have the time :D Thanks !!!
Brittney J (2 years ago)
I love these tutorials.josh your shirt is awesome!
Carmella (2 years ago)
lol i love this guy. <3
Alize Hoepfner (2 years ago)
Ever thought of doing a colab with Sorted Food. All you guys together wil be hilarious.
Tim Sokol (2 years ago)
enough gold dust. so far each cake I've watched has it. Do you own stock or something? LOL
Rylie Cannon-Kanizai (2 years ago)
Hey Man about Cake, you should make a Paint Splatter Cake!!! I had one for my birthday last year.It looked so cool!!!! Thanks so much!!!
selise (2 years ago)
Where can I get these shirts??😍
WizardPandora (1 year ago)
Ki The Angel I found the "Oh Snap" at Wal-Mart last year near Xmas time, might wasn't to check this year
Mimi Fafa (2 years ago)
super recette!!
Allycia Foster (2 years ago)
you should do a calibration with Yolanda gamp
Avelia Roman (2 years ago)
Great! Where is the recipe of the mouse?
WizardPandora (1 year ago)
Avelia Roman it was store bought
Isabel Amaira (2 years ago)
you are just great!!!!! love to watch your tutorials
Colleen Charles (2 years ago)
Wondering how long the mousse cake or when using mousse like he has can sit out at a venue.
Claire Fitiausi (2 years ago)
My girl and I love your videos. Our only request is to please, cut a bigger piece of cake to taste!
Marissa Webb (2 years ago)
Claire Fitiausi the cake plus frosting plus fillings plus fondant is probably really sweet! And his cakes are usually full of layers so you realistically don't need a giant piece :)
Caterina Bova (2 years ago)
Where can I buy the Miral chocolate glaze? AND your tee-shirts????!!!!
WizardPandora (1 year ago)
Caterina Bova I found the "Oh Snap" at Wal-Mart last year near Xmas time, might wasn't to check this year
Jose Munoz (2 years ago)
Just wanted to say i LOVE your channel and your work...not to mention your personality, humor and witty banter... your too cute! Was wondering where you buy your supplies and recommended websites? Ie: like this dome mold? Glaze?
Jasmine P. (2 years ago)
wish we could see him actually cutting into the cakes, and making the glaze
Jasmine P. (2 years ago)
wish they would cut into the cake, and show making the glaze
Donna Woolf (2 years ago)
Can you put a mirror glaze on a ice cream bombe?
WizardPandora (1 year ago)
Donna Woolf probably as the mousse was frozen solid
Hugo Vaudey (2 years ago)
in France miroir glaze is so banal
ミStephanie (2 years ago)
He's so cute omg
Sid in nee (1 year ago)
Stephanie ミ That shirt is too cute
kd cutie (2 years ago)
Stephanie ミ RIGHT!
Davida Braxton (2 years ago)
why are u cutting such tiny pieces of cake,? just cut a slice like its suppose to be...also, you didnt even cut the chocolate cake at all. what up!! you bake but you dont really eat it...unless you spit it out in the trash when off camera...just wondering. ...
Avada Kedevra (2 years ago)
I love this channel ❤️
Pee Lopez (2 years ago)
the pastry chef is so handsome 😀
Ray Padilla (2 years ago)
Oh snap!!! Love it.
Time Capsule (2 years ago)
I am going to attempt to make my 3 tier wedding cake with navy blue mirror glaze topped with pink and white roses
David W (2 years ago)
That sounds beautiful! Do you have any images?
Julie Holy (2 years ago)
I watch your videos with my 5 year old nephew all the time and at the end of every video he says, "oh man, he's so silly!" We love your videos!!
Bunny Mad (2 years ago)
That's so cute!
Hemmy (2 years ago)
Great shirt ^^
Dalena Tran (2 years ago)
ugh I love how cleanly you work
Julia Lundman (2 years ago)
Is Joshua related to Rebecca from clicknetwork? They are super similar sometimes, could easily be siblings, except that she is Asian xD
Mama Mia (2 years ago)
I wanna marry that guy
Sorbet licious (2 years ago)
do yu have a website???
Sheza Waseem (2 years ago)
i like your cakes.
This is stereotypical but is he homosexual. Cause i would love home to he straight. There seems to be no straight male cake makers anymore.
Juliet Mosby (2 years ago)
they are so pretty ❤❤❤ im keep thinking you and yolanda from how to cake it in one video, the cake would be amazing
katsleggs (2 years ago)
Juliet Mosby me three! I just subbed. Love the techniques and his personality is great! His sense of humor reminds me so much of Yolanda's on How to Cake it! 🎂
Wishing I was better (2 years ago)
Juliet Mosby me too! Except Yolanda's videos are more detail centered, always coming out straight and professional looking. The cakes I mean.
Kaliph (2 years ago)
love these sound effects
Bumble Bee (2 years ago)
C'est "ka cow nibs" il n'y a pas "co co nibs"
Star Track (2 years ago)
how to make glaze
Rana Mud (2 years ago)
Love your work Good luck
senakin (2 years ago)
hahha why is he cutting such small slices each time
Lindsey Sullivan (2 years ago)
A wedding serving is about 1in. by 2in. if I remember correctly.
Naifa Kola (2 years ago)
same here! 😂 i wonder why?
Man About Cake (2 years ago)
Hey y'all! If you're new to the show, be sure to subscribe to the ALL Man About Cake channel for new episodes!
Kawaii_cutie. Xox (10 months ago)
Could you make a Harry Potter cake???
Claire Self (2 years ago)
Never mind about the glaze, I just want the T-shirt!😂😂
WizardPandora (1 year ago)
Claire Self I found it at Wal-Mart near Xmas time for $10-$15
akcire6 (2 years ago)
where can I purchase the silicone dome?
Consuelo Espinoza (2 years ago)
Thrilled with MAC...
Rose Gianopoulos (2 years ago)
SanFrancisscco (2 years ago)
hi what if i use compound choc for glaze recipe? what's the difference?
Crystal Bennett (2 years ago)
More. Butter. Cream. Iceing. PleaseTriple chocolate's chip. Cup. Cakes
Carolyn Campbell (2 years ago)
Has anyone been successful in purchasing Mirall Glaze?  I have tried for days to find the vendor for this product.
Sue Whiting (2 years ago)
Love your tutorials, can you please print the name of the company that sells the dome, I can't catch it on the video.
RyuGamer828 (2 years ago)
Just met you at the fair! (Nic & Nyle...and Mom Jennah) super impressed!!
Dasha Y (2 years ago)
This was a useless tutorial... make a cake and cover it with store-bought mirror glaze? Duh! I didn't need to watch this video to figure that out.
Bunny Mad (2 years ago)
Obviously you're far more of an expert, which is why they've employed you and not him? No? Hmmmm...... At least he's fun, lively, helpful, creative, positive and offers a wide variety of interesting videos. Can't wait to see you do better....
Chris McGlashan (2 years ago)
Just found your site. Absolutely wonderful. Many thanks for all your easy instructions. I can't wait to try some of the glazing techniques shown.

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