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Learn the Knit Stitch 2 Ways: English & Continental Style

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This beginner knitting tutorial covers the basic knit stitch two ways -- the continental knit stitch and the English style knit stitch. Give both methods a try today, and see which comes more naturally to you! Are you a newbie knitter? Check out this ultimate guide to knitting for beginners, featuring helpful articles, inspiring project ideas, in-depth how-tos & more → https://bluprnt.co/2BYElmd
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Mo Poppins (1 month ago)
Excellent instruction! Both verbal and visual instructions were so clear and easy to understand. Thank you. :)
Cheryl Beukelman (2 months ago)
She keeps saying to go front to back, left to right but unless I've lost my sense of direction it looks to me as if the right needle is going front to back, right to left.
CSmith 4029 (18 days ago)
Cheryl Beukelman I think you're focusing on the direction the right needle is POINTING. The video refers to the ORIENTATION of the right needle in relation to the stitch in which it is being inserted. So, in relation to the stitch to be knit on the left needle, the right needle is inserted into that stitch from the left side of that stitch to the right side & from front to back. Hope that helps.
antoinette falzon (2 months ago)
Yes thank you but I already know how to knit thank you
Linda Maglione (2 months ago)
Thank you for the great tips on both...gonna try the continental style.
Joan Machado (2 months ago)
Thanks,guest ion? Is Continental and Norwegian knitting the same thing ?.
Ana Paradashvili (2 months ago)
I always use continental style, it's so much easier and faster..
Mo Poppins (1 month ago)
I don't knit (yet), but the Continental style looks more streamlined and appears to flow more naturally, so that's probably the one I'll use...but will try both, just to see what I'd be missing with the other.
Ana Paradashvili (2 months ago)
+PallMall Potus yes that's true, initially I was taught continental style by my mom, but then when I actually started knitting my first scarf I tried out English style too and didn't like it, there's too many steps.. 😂 it takes so much to get single loop done, when with continental it's one step and one second, gets job done much faster... I recommend practicing continental style in your free time, just practice the hand motion, knit something simple, just a square or something.. you'll get the hang of it eventually, it's all about muscle memory.. I'm beginner myself and it was hard at first but now I can do it with closed eyes..
CSmith 4029 (2 months ago)
YouTube is a marvel. Oh how I wish it was around when I was learning to knit (over 30 years ago). I was taught the basics (continental style) by my sewing professor and knit a sweater over summer break (from Elle magazine, remember when they had knitting patterns?). I was so proud of that sweater (I think I still have it) and showed it to my teacher. She congratulated me, said it was beautiful and then kindly told me I had twisted all my knit stitches bc I was picking up the back leg of the stitch instead of the front. Grrrr!!! I never confused it after that though.

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