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The Easiest Purl Stitch Tutorial | Knitting for Beginners

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Learn and master the knit stitch's other half: the purl stitch. This detailed purling tutorial, which includes ways to hold working yarn, will teach you how to create perfect rows of purls in no time. Visit Bluprint for all you need to start knitting or to keep honing your skills: https://bluprnt.co/2OT6Okm
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Boop Doop (1 month ago)
I'm so confused. When i follow the directions for a purl stitch i get the knit stitch as a result. Then it's other way around for the other one. I thought this was the knit stitch because when i did the process for a knit stitch i got this result
Helen Caudill (1 month ago)
Excited to try purling this way. Is this considered continental knitting? Very clear tutorial .. thank you so much
trickstersGambit Teej (1 month ago)
Still here, still sad to see it's not a Grocery Girls knit vid
Tad Cooper (1 month ago)
Yay! Another thumb-user! That’s how I have purled for years and found it so much faster and easier on my hands. I haven’t personally had issue using my thumb when doing ribbing or seed stitch or anything that requires alternating knits and purls (as someone else mentioned), but everyone is different! When I teach knitting, I show my students what I do, but tell them that it might not be as comfortable for them, so they should experiment to see what works best for them to accomplish the stitch. Between continental vs English, flicking, throwing, picking, using your thumb or forefinger, using dpns or magic loop, we all have our different ways! 👍🏻😁
Helen Caudill (1 month ago)
for some reason I get pesky little holes in seed stitch .. any ideas how to fix?
Elaine Armenta (1 month ago)
That using your thumb is ok until you actually start knitting a pattern and you have to go from knit to purl back and forth. Much better to use your fore finger, then the switching from knit to purl is much easier.
mainuelle vy (1 month ago)
as a fashion design student this is very helpful, I can create my own textures to play when creating a piece and I wont need any extra lessons in knitting bc this is already so helpful🤯❤️
Gerrie Louden Bell (1 month ago)
This is a terrific tutorial. The filming and the teaching are the best I have ever seen, I think.

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