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UK Twerking Championships 2013: Upside Down Twerking Round

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Here is the 'Off The Wall Round' or Upside Down Twerking Round from the first ever UK TWERKING CHAMPIONSHIPS which took place Thursday 21st November 2013 at Scala, London. JumpOff TV Studios Production http://jumpoff.tv [email protected] *********** GOT TWITTER? *********** Follow 'The Jump Off' Team & Talent: HOSTs / DJ: Fontz - @ItsFontz Chuckie Online - @ChuckieOnline HOSTESS: Filly Anan - @FillyAnan JUDGES Suzette - @SuzetteOfficial Bex Pashley - @Jasminebex Jeremy (Spearmint Rhino) - @JezNargi JumpOff TV Studios Production http://jumpoff.tv [email protected] Photographer: AMARI-JADE ROBINSON @Amari_Jade VIDEOGRAPHER: @IKnowNathaniel VIDEO EDITOR: @Ell_London
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Text Comments (2925)
Dustin Reed (3 days ago)
Now we know the winner the last girl who put her ass right on the guy's face
Tiffany Anders (16 days ago)
The last one he couldn’t hold her
Izzie (24 days ago)
Lookin like they’re having a seizure
Gabrielle Walls (1 month ago)
If I was her I would take off my stuff and put it in his face
naturallyours32 (1 month ago)
I liked this video because young bull was holding on until he hroke on the last one.
Como vim parar aqui kkkk
Gianmarco Di Filippo (1 month ago)
Vai mi accompagni grazie a farmi qualche pugnette
Kraken Schnozzle (1 month ago)
Apparently this is why the universe was created. The pinnacle of human experience?
TaKhia Mccall (1 month ago)
Twerk i
ambre ngoye (1 month ago)
SVAGE_QUEEN 93 (1 month ago)
The guy is hot and strong that he would be good for upside down licky licky wink wink.. Like if you agree
rena lepolo (1 month ago)
he's fine
Eric Grier (1 month ago)
She good I want to do it to a girl
Flame Rade (1 month ago)
do more
Metro Metro (1 month ago)
I want a ass like that😁😂
Aiden Potter (1 month ago)
are they expecting to not get boners?
Sharon Gray (1 month ago)
That’s not twerking
GRISLEY LUNAR (1 month ago)
They playa Freyre yhio
Mackenzie Schiltz (1 month ago)
These girls are sooo stupid
Torsten Leberknecht (1 month ago)
Song name please
kevin084life (1 month ago)
What the fuck am I watching?
Peace & Gratitude (1 month ago)
It just looks like they are seizuring
c pro (1 month ago)
That nig was shaking
Shalyn Harris (1 month ago)
I know how to twerk but I can't twerk in front of people
Claudia Andrada (1 month ago)
pobrecito tuvo qe alzar a cada gorda
Claudia Andrada (1 month ago)
pobrecito tuvi qe alzar a cada gorda
Tanner 77777 Miller (1 month ago)
360 6225 963 send nudes
The LEGO guy (1 month ago)
The LEGO guy (1 month ago)
That red haired girl hit the camera
rachel copas (1 month ago)
The last one knocked the brotha out lol
Fahmi Pogba (1 month ago)
What was the song !?
Вторая по хоть какому одолела) супер!!!!!!!!!!!
mahesh raghavaraju (2 months ago)
this is called a dance?
matti mercier (2 months ago)
Ik wild die man zijn
Pippy Domar (2 months ago)
Captain seizure
Anthony Williams (2 months ago)
Pink and black one there cute
Kael Lehman (2 months ago)
Oh Anaid (2 months ago)
That’s cool and all but what’s his @ ?? 😍😍😍😍😅
Closer Heart (2 months ago)
How the heck did I end up here
XEN FAUX (2 months ago)
3:08 I'd bring her home 4:22 too
Kenzie-morgan Oliver (2 months ago)
That guy needs help
Gabe Harrigan (2 months ago)
This guy has a lucky job
Durell Brown (2 months ago)
Hell of Fire
Durell Brown (2 months ago)
Somebody text me
Lana Caeko (2 months ago)
haha I thought he was Zain from one direction
nancy plk (2 months ago)
Oscar Monteon (3 months ago)
Wtf how did i end Up here 😂
Zomboy (3 months ago)
Anthony Williams (2 months ago)
I like the one with the pink pants and black one to
What am I watching I just type in cum and I got to here
Aiden Potter (3 months ago)
Vicky Cacho (3 months ago)
The girl with the white tank top💀
Fazziieee O'x (3 months ago)
The man who's picking up the girls is dead I couldn't believe it 🙏🙏❤
Lola Kite (3 months ago)
They look possessed xd
XXXSN1P3RMA2T3R smith (3 months ago)
I Masturbated
Åďåm Ďķpš (3 months ago)
What the fuck is this guys what happen with us really i am feeling soo shamefull my self after watching this video what r we doing think abo8 it
Tori Vega (3 months ago)
😜 Did u guys know I was one of the girl who was tweaking there ... that guy was so thirsty 💦 for me 🍑🍆
Debs io (3 months ago)
FuTbOl ToP (3 months ago)
Vaya manera de tratar a las mujeres pero también es culpa de ellas por aceptar hacer esa mierda pero bueno
Who Cares (3 months ago)
This man is having a gooood time
Drew Bray (3 months ago)
Lucky guy
Luke Hukill (3 months ago)
Best job ever
milkaa aa (3 months ago)
Czy w tym można ubierać własne stroje z domu
Sandip Gautam (3 months ago)
this world is goinng too far /wtf?
Maria Balabanh (3 months ago)
Poor guy...he so hot i would just please him. At the end where the blonde dumb fucking girl did that I'm sure he gor mad
lA niñA MaY (3 months ago)
turn up (3 months ago)
Wow there’s literally a contest for everything
meliza ramos (3 months ago)
poor men so much weight 😁😁
xo lulu (4 months ago)
Wtf this ugly ass twerk
Toño Castro (4 months ago)
Esos si son B!g 4ss
Dayshia Gordon (4 months ago)
He took a deep breath before he picked up the first white girl😭😭
Glenda Louise (4 months ago)
que diacho e isso
Loretha Leavy (4 months ago)
The other girl with the hat she ant moving nothing just her legs
drsr_gang_4L (4 months ago)
Thts why he so strong
drsr_gang_4L (4 months ago)
She was all leg shack
Alicya Cimino (4 months ago)
Lílian 《 (4 months ago)
Depois dizem que só tem essas safadezas no Brasil.
Sam (4 months ago)
What if he drops one of them.....
Miracle Graves (4 months ago)
The girl at the end was my mom she killed that
xBroken Bonesx (4 months ago)
What am I watching.. * pours bleach on eyes *
Death_Bloc YTB (4 months ago)
Joao Batista (4 months ago)
você não sabe se comporta
Vukasin Trojanovic (4 months ago)
That lucky dude
kamryn bryan (4 months ago)
poor white girl in pink top and yellow shorts
Army forever (4 months ago)
4:38 she could barley move her ass...
Kareem Anderson Jr (4 months ago)
Wow I need some
kim brid (4 months ago)
That guy too hot! 😏
Bored Life (4 months ago)
Bored Life (4 months ago)
we're just gonna ignore the fact that he's fine as shiiz
lilee marton (4 months ago)
anybody just skip to the part of the twerking on the guys
KaRiN a (4 months ago)
Mm 4:12
Lilee Marton (4 months ago)
Boners all around
Latisha Wright (3 months ago)
Lilee Marton Lol Ikr And I'm sorry but I gotta say it but..... I Hope That Pussycat was Cleaned 😂💀
Stella Useda (4 months ago)
I'm so lit right now BC my gf is the best and tweetkin
Maren H (4 months ago)
Sall they shake is their legs and feets lmao
A Qween (4 months ago)
Check this baddie out 👉https://youtu.be/vVLhX6SNzsE
Nevaeh Everett (4 months ago)
Marcio (4 months ago)
Anche io lo facevo quel lavoro con tu Mmma
Marcio (4 months ago)
Te sborro negli occhi
rena uzumaki (5 months ago)
I hope it smells good😂
Lucid Dreams (5 months ago)
Damn I thought I lost my man at the end , broke his neck and spine 😂😂😂(jk people)
Ladarrius Williams (5 months ago)
Who is the girl at 3:08

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