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Introduction to the Workshop for DMU
Wendy Ringgenberg narration
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The Lourds Of The Ring: Storyboard P vrs. Rogue
only battle we got battery low.....at the oracle arena 1/16/09 Flexing vs. Turfing Battle... Respect to every dancer in the building...
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Veracrash - Snakes for Breakfast
From the album 11:11. http://www.myspace.com/veracrash http://www.veracrash.net http://twitter.com/Veracrash Nora Bentivoglio - Fleisch Agency: [email protected] Veracrash is: "apocalyctic, alien, heavy psych rock with a special taste for melody." Veracrash is post apocalypse rock. In 2006 they published "The ghost", a 4-track ep which met with considerable success from the critics , thus allowing the band to tour Italy and share the stage with national and international artists (Brant Bjork, Truckfighters, Ojm, Alix and many others). 2009: their debut full lenght's ready and it's called "11:11". A cryptic title for a monolithic record which moves beetween the lines of heavy psychedelia, noise and indie rock. Produced in Milan by Luigi Galmozzi, mastered at the Jupiter Studios in Seattle by Martin Feveyear (already working for Qotsa, Mudhoney, Tad, REM), "11:11" has an evocative power unheard-of for an Italian band at its dèbut and which would be a suitable accompaniment for a cocktail between Aleister Crowley and Gustavo Rol. The artwork has been realized by australian artist Seldon Hunt (previously at work with Isis, Neurosis, Melvins).
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Falta el fichero c:\windows\system32\ config\system
reparar el error de windows al arrancar diciendo que falta el siguiente archivo c:\windows\system32\ config\system ¿Por que ocurre? Esto ocurre cuando alguno de los ficheros que componen el registro de windows, se ha dañado. El registro de windows esta compuesto por 5 ficheros, estos son los siguientes: System, Software, Sam, Security, y default. Todos ellos se encuentran en la siguiente ruta: c:\windows\system32\config
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