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GTA V Online Funny Moments - Hunting the Mt. Gordo Ghost, Stealing Jets and More.
Like if you enjoyed the video, subscribe for more and susbcribe to Flare12336 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g Like because this video took 2 hours to upload my fucking god, i'm about to damn near kill myself!! and remember, Geo NEVER HAPPENED!!
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WWE 2K17 Funny Moments - Famous Dex Becomes a Wrestler, Referee matches and more.
Happy Late New Year, I'm always late to everything, that's why I'm failing my first hour, yup, that's exactly why, not because it's math, ok?! Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to leave a like if you did, comment and subscribe to see more of this glitchy and cancerous videogame we all FUCKING HATE called WWE 2K17 make sure to subscribe to my friend in this video Flare12336 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g
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WWE 2K17 - Funny Moments, Last Man Standing, Ladder Match and more
To those who don't know what a "botch" is, it's used in wrestling quite a lot, and it means when something doesn't go as planned, like, doing a back flip from the top rope, then land on your neck, that's a botch, class dismissed. Like if you enjoyed the video, make sure to subscribe if you want to see more WWE 2K17, not 16, because fuck that amirite? Subscribe to Flare12336: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g Leave a like and a comment
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6IX9INE Becomes a wrestler, going through tables and more - WWE 2K19 Online Funny Moments
FUCKIN' TR3YWAY! 6IX9INE becomes a wrestler on WWE 2K19 since he didn't make it to NBA 2K with the other rappers, Oops. If you liked this video make sure to leave a thumbs up, some feedback in the comment section, and subscribe to this channel for more. Enjoy.
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Braun Strowman is GLORIOUS! - WWE 2K18 [8-Man, Elimination Chamber and Hell In A Cell]
WWE 2K18 Funniest Moments playing Online and Single Player. Hope you liked the video, make sure to comment, like and subscribe if you did. BRAUN STROWMAN IS THE KING OF THE CRUISERWEIGHTS!
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Don't play WWE 2K18 at 3 a.m ! you'll find Dame Tu Cosita 100% real no fake not clickbait Happy 4th of July! I hope you guys enjoyed the video, make sure to like and subscribe if you wanna see more videos like this! #RipX
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GTA 5 Online Funny Moments - Arm Wrestling, Prank Calls, The Pacific Standard Job and more
Like if you liked.... why else would you ''like'' it.. wtf that was dumb anyway, subscribe to the homies from the video r7u7r Taste my taco https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCocF0uNIrU9D6y_XE0RrgEA Prototype 77753 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtriBcKtvbzQeA44tiDIL9w Follow me on Twitter: @eduardo_reyes90 Instagram: @eduardo_reyes90 SnapChat @eduardo_reyes90 XDxdxdXDXd Subscribe if you wanna see more videos like this, like if you LIKED it... of course... and leave some comments. bye luv u babe *heart emoji because apparently ''Brackets arent allowed in my description.''* wtf youtube, suck my ass.
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SmackDown Here Comes The Pain - Jumping off Helicopters, Bra & Panties match, and more.
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We tried playing Fortnite once, this happened. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Enjoy.
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Ricardo Milos Is Back, El Ayuwoki, Ref Brutality and more.
Ricardo Milos returns from wherever he has been, turns out he's just been out here wrestling. Ayuwoki has been summoned by Satan himself, and the Sissy Gemini from Fremont Street is looking for a white lady who is willing to put him in a dress and beat the shit out of him with a steel chair. If you liked the video make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more. Enjoy
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Lil Tay Rich And Finna Get Richer, 6-man HIAC match - WWE 2K18 Funny Moments & Fails
Lil Tay rich and finna get richer biiiitttchh!!! If you thought Lil tay wasn't bad enough, we had a 6-man Hell In a Cell match with Tinky Winky and Shrek! that already sounds horrible. 6-woman Elimination Chamber Subscribe to watch more.
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WWE 2K16 - Lil Wayne becomes a wrestler, funny moments, glitches and more
YOUNG MOOLAH BABYYYYY !!! Subscribe to Flare12336 here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g Give us a like, leave comments, and let us know what you wanna see for next video! Follow me on.... pretty much everything lol: @eduardo_reyes90
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WWE 2K17 - Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Cashes In MITB.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you guys enjoy your day with your family and friends and all that xD. And speaking of giving thanks, I wanna say thank you to all of you guys for watching my last video, and liking, subscribing and leaving so many nice comments, it feel so good to know that by doing something you like, you could entertain a lot of people and make them forget about all the bad stuff that have been happening during their day and just let them smile and laugh for a couple minutes through a funny video. Thank you, I mean it, and I'm gonna still be here for as long as I have to be, if it means that I can still make you guys laugh and have a great time. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you want to see more.
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GTA 5 Online - Power Rangers STD, Don't Cross The Line, Stunt Races and more.
Hope you enjoyed the video! Flare12336's Channel (ChainedEscapist) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g if you're reading this, you're awesome r7u7r
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PIZZA TIME ! If you liked the video make sure to like and subscribe for more!
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Christmas on GTA 5 - Funny Moments, Intense Sumo Rounds, and More.
Hope you guys had a really nice Christmas, unless you don't celebrate, in that case, hope you bored yourself to death, jk luv u too Mua. Leave a like, comment and subscribe if you want to see more GTA Subscribe to my boi in the video, ChainedEscapist : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g
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WWE 2K16 Funny Moments - Full Elimation Chamber, Worst Tag Team Ever and More.
Hope you enjoyed the video, like, comment and subscribe if you want more of this, I will be uploading WWE2K17 as soon as I'm able to. Flare12336's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g
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Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Funny Moments - TOO MUCH ACTION TO HANDLE !
Spider-Man PS4 is pretty dope ! Also, speaking of action, I'm trynna give Mary Jane some action she can't handle hehe ok I'll stop Comment, like, and subscribe if you want to see more #SpidermanPS4
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GTA San Andreas Funny Moments - CJ Becomes a Valet, Mission End Of The Line and More.
Merry early Christmas my dudes, hope you guys have a great time and get a lot of socks in PS4/XboxOne packages. Make sure to like if you enjoyed the video, leave a comment and subscribe, I'll probably upload more of GTA San Andreas on the PS4 version, because my PS2 is being a bitch rn. Subscribe to the guy that kept calling me while I was trying to record, ChainedEscapist, luv u man, MUA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g
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GTA V Funny Moments - Every Bullet Counts, Running Back and Carlos Falls Asleep
Like if Carlos is weak and can't stay awake pass 9:00 p.m Follow me on SC: eduardo_reyes90 Instagram: @eduardo_reyes90
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''SAVING'' THE WORLD AS SPIDERMAN!! - The Amazing Spiderman 2 GamePlay
Camtasia, hope you fucking get raped in the eyeball too, after all you made go through :'v If you guys could be nice enough to give me the name of a program i could use to edit, i need it to have a screen recording option, and of course, editing lol.... i won't be able to upload any videos until i get my material back... A screen recorder, and an editor Like if you enjoyed, subscribe for more, and comment for... comments? xddd IG : @eduardo_reyes90 Twittah: @eduardo_reyes90 SC: eduardo_reyes
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The triple threat trilogy for the unification of the United States & Intercontinental Championship between Edge, Randy Orton, and AJ Styles! Episode two of the Online WWE 2K18 Championship Series Enjoy!
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WE ACTUALLY HAD A GOOD MATCH ON WWE 2K18 !!! *not clickbait* - Funny Moments!
These are probably THE BEST series of matches we've had on WWE 2K18, and that is really hard to accomplish at times. My friends and I one night decided to ditch our custom characters and play matches as our favorite WWE Superstars and they turned out to be the best matches we've ever had, this might become something I upload often in the channel if this video does good, or if it does bad, i don't give a shit i'm still doing it lmao. Enjoy.
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So this was my multi-media production school project.
This will give you 7 types of AIDS Viewer's discretion is advised.
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WHAT HAPPENED TO BLACK CAT! - Spider-Man Nintendo 64 (Funny Moments)
With only one week away from the release of Spider-Man PS4 I decided to bring back a classic spiderman game where we witness black cat's horrible pointy tits as we wait for the release of Spider-Man PS4 ; ) Like and susbscribe for more Spiderman! Enjoy #SpidermanPS4
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NBA 2K17 - MyPark, MyCareer, MVP Right Here JK TRASH!
Like if you think I should end myself and never play NBA ever again :v Follow yo boi ChainedEscapist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4gK5WFobGip6o3IE2n0n0g
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WWE 2K14 - Santino's RTWM, Beat The Streak, and More.
Like the video if you enjoyed Santino's EPIC Road To WrestleMania. Comment your favorite part, and subscribe for more EPICNESS!!!
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GTA V Funny Moments with the homies!
If you wanna go check them out (wow) 7u7, right here are their channels: Prototype 77753 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtri... Taste My Taco https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCocF... Twitter: @eduardo_reyes90 IG: @eduardo_reyes90 Snapchat: eduardo_reyes90 I know... i'm not original Like if you liked it, leave your comments and subscribe for more
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GTA 4 Online on XBOX ONE - Random Funny Moments
BAH GAWD IT'S EDDIE WITH A NEW VIDEO!!1!11!one1!! this is what happens when two wrestling fans play GTA 4 xD It's been 2 months since my last upload, and I came back to get some youtube money haha yeet! xD If you liked the video make sure to like it, leave a comment and subscribe for more... unless u a lil bicht 7n7 luv u 7u7
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*titties and ass on the thumbnail* Esskeetit! I'm back oh dexter oh yeah oh what, im gonna kms This is a tutorial on how to win on PUBG.... yeah, definitely not. Enjoy watching us be horrible on PUBG Squads Subscribe to PeterVlogz if u wanna get a sweet blow job from him: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmQ4dWDJXLKyM1qDXmB4PVA subscribe or kys
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Injustice 2 Funny Moments - I AM GETTING DESTROYED!!!
Hello baby guess who's back, it's been a minute, but I'm back with another video, this time it's Injustice 2. It took me way too long to finish this video because my computer is overheating because the ventilation is not working so it turns off pretty often when I'm trying to use it, but I made it through lol. I hope you enjoyed the video, make sure to like, comment and subscribe, oh, and that's Riley Reid btw, you're welcome.
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THIS GAME IS NOT GOOD FOR MY HEALTH - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
I hope Coco's titties get flattened even more after all those boxes dropped on her chest lmfao If you guys enjoyed seeing me suffer leave a like and promote your damn channel on the comments section like you always do.
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