Videos uploaded by user “Heath McClure”
Celebrity Jeapordy-Physics Version
A physics movie about momentum and collisions.
Views: 41 Heath McClure
Cattle Drive
Cattle drive in the Stockyards of Fort Worth!
Views: 6 Heath McClure
Pizzazz Justin Bieber
This video is about Pizzazz Justin Bieber
Views: 4 Heath McClure
Pizzazz Political Ad
This video is about Pizzazz Political Ad
Views: 11 Heath McClure
Apple Expert Failure
This apple expert on a sales show claims that the 3rd generation iPad is a 3rd generation "iPod." Apple fans everywhere shudder.
Views: 73 Heath McClure
Little kids beeasting in Modern Warfare
Little kids play each other in a game of Modern Warfare
Views: 35 Heath McClure

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