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Spinning psyduck
Ignore the lags and the song is not mine it belongs to dead or alive https://youtu.be/WpLwBG-h3JE spinning psyduck is here
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Hey girl, you like me a little bit? | meme | gacha life|
The song doesn’t even belong to me it! It belongs to the rightful owner Original: https://youtu.be/DDYlf4y7OTg Characters: Blue jacket (Derek) Black long sleeved shirt (AJ) White shirt (bananadoge) Two school outfit inklings (me and blue)
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Feel it still ||animation meme|| (flashing lights?)
Aaaa I think this turned bad lol And the song is not mine And I need to sleep lol cuz it’s 10 pm Original meme: https://youtu.be/Siy0hD3AMcc Song: https://youtu.be/bra_jlITzmI
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Don’t be //meme// gacha life
Aaa yas my new favorite meme ;w; It takes my 2 hours or 1 hour idk Even tho there are 2 original memes that made this meme and idk who should I pick so I pick yuki wolfire:p Original by: https://youtu.be/31ah_TBnCDU I don’t like the way it is ;-; it’s terrible
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Panic room \\animation meme\\uwu
Ree the animation is a bit too quick and idk how to change speeds to the animation lol.. So this is my nightmare =) So me stuck in the black room and this man chopped my head (the man is not here and the white flash means the man chopped my head lol) Original: https://youtu.be/M4eeh-YiANw
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A lil woomy uwu
https://youtu.be/pI16ou3EyyQ same thing as this =) just read the desc of this vid
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Something ÙwÚ
Ready Come and get it na na na na na na
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Something lol
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A bad animation :)
At the end it’s not circle tool! I made it to a dot and make it big lol Song: hands to myself by selana gomez I don’t own rights to this music it belongs to selana gomez
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All the stars meme (read desc for original)
Original meme by rxgrxts Apps I use r KineMaster (editing) Flipaclip (animating)
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Part 7 for 7 rings map :3
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Something :v
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When I hear fire trucks coming (read description
Actually happened irl ;-; got scared cuz I thought one of the classes burn but it’s only the office? Probably they might be cooking something at the microwave
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For scary noodle’s map (it’s cringe)
Link to map:https://youtu.be/PzPO1xKxuw8
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Work from home [meme maybe and idk what thumbnail I should put so a woomy :)
Aaaaa this is horrible ;w; Original:???
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No name and shoutout=)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5BtydyfyQJSVBsRS_MXkjQ here’s is kaleb’s channel I G O T T H E H O R S E S O N T H E B A C K The song is old town road by lil nas x and this song doesn’t belong to me Bootiful 👌 https://images.app.goo.gl/7SrBGgHAE2xuga4j6
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Something *^*
This song is not mine is belongs to owner of this song and I did really horrible on it and it took me 2 hours and this is alexa and she can transform to her phone form and her deaths can be low battery (she can still be alive) electricity, glass break and this is a story of her I think and her outfit is blue cause my phone case and her hair is orange cuz my wallpaper is orange lol and those photos of virus r not mine and yea this character is my phone
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A drawing I did yesterday
The white one is no name She’s trying to act nice Don’t trust her lol
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600 subs :D
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Patting lil orange (drawing :p read description
I drew lil orange today :) At school of course
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Drawing of sackboy (read description
It’s a drawing for popcorn daddy and I don’t know that much about little big planet T^T I use to have a PlayStation but it broke.... Not a good drawing I did tho ;v;
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Orange drawing *v*
This song is not mine it belongs to the owner! Song: https://youtu.be/FGa067-f_LI
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N y g e s
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Art contest (rules in desc
U can add blood and creepiness;p u can make them fight Don’t steal anyone’s art Don’t use bases Don’t be mad if u lose Prizes :3 1)The drawing will be in my pfp and u will get drawn 2)Gets to be drawn 3)gets a shoutout It’s due April 23
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A woomy;3
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The song doesn’t belong to me it belongs to the owner
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For natalino 2019 7!
https://www.youtube.com/user/monika7ful subscribe to her if u want
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Random bird :p
Song: ocean eyes by Billie eilish The song doesn’t belong to me it belongs to Billie eilish Name: Kendra Age: 10 Likes: water and sea animals Hates: fire Yea she is a new character
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Adorable orange!
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O k e y
https://youtu.be/wJ0Ee5S8Rcc I did not copy this! I just made the guy turn to ness when he says okeh and I know it still looks copied but don’t hate on me Oki????
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Morning and this is for Patrick * (channel in desc
Patrick’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCY3FYW70AMniw3HqGG8QbQ
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Good morning lol
E g g 🥚
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Randomness :p
Audio doesn’t belong to me!
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Angela’s death (read description uwu)
She was been killed by hipnyke and no name so in heaven... she became a angel •w• The song is not mine uwu belongs to Billie eilish
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