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In The Name Of The Father riot scene
A scene from the classic 1993 movie In The Name Of The Father. Staring Daniel Day-Lewis as Gerard Conlon of the Guildford Four.
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Time lapse of a cannabis sativa plant growing
Time lapse of a cannabis sativa plant growing. It is interesting to see it grow from a sprout to the finished product.
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A fight in the ghetto
These two losers fight in a store. https://youtu.be/upzCWace6io
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Beautiful black woman shaking her big booty
Just watch this beautiful black woman shake her sexy big booty. You will keep staring in excitement. Check out the continuation at: https://youtu.be/upzCWace6io
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Insanely drunk Russian woman
Keep in mind this is what happens when a Russian woman gets drunk. This is something you don't want to deal with on a regular basis. Could you imagine what that would be like?
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Ghetto thugs all out street brawl.
Four ghetto thugs have an all out street brawl. I am talking about hand to hand combat. You're going to see blood. There will be missing teeth. People will break their bones. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. #TalkShit
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Rambo III scene: Rambo fights Soviet commander
In this scene from the classic 1988 movie Rambo III, John Rambo fights the Soviet commander. Staring Slyvester Stallone as John Rambo.
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Andrew Scheer demonstrates how Justin Trudeau is a cuck
All Conservatives are asking is for information that was provided to the media to be provided to MPs. Instead, Justin Trudeau is trying to prevent me from asking questions. What are they trying to hide?
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Talk Shit Hotline
Want to talk some shit? Call me up and we will talk some shit. (213)373-4253
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A beginner's guide to recreational marijuana
A beginner's guide to recreational marijuana. Know what you are getting yourself into.
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Siamese twins sketch comedy
The best Siamese twins gag.
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Street fight Ugandan style
This is what a street fight in Uganda looks like
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British journalist gets high while on camera
This British journalist was reporting on a major drug bust. But what the police were doing was burning the seized marijuana. The second hand smoke got the reporter high.
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McDonald's drive thru doesn't have fresh cookies
McDonald's drive thru doesn't have fresh cookies. This ghetto whore is losing her shit on the employees. Please share any opinions in the comments section below.
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Elizabeth May explains why she is protesting Kinder Morgan
Elizabeth May explains why she is protesting Kinder Morgan. Will you support Elizabeth May and the Green Party? Share your opinion in the comment section below.
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Hot Latina has her moves
This Latina sure has her moves. She shakes her big booty like no one's business.
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Nasty cat fight with the Denny's manager and a skanky whore
This skanky whore thinks she can get free food. So she decides to get two small dicks to attack the manager.
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Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives wish everyone a joyous and happy Easter
Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives wish everyone a joyous and happy Easter. May the Conservatives win the next election. Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have failed us and made a mockery out of Canada.
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Vietnamese fashion tips
Learn some fashion tips from Vietnam. This young gorgeous lady offers us some good tips
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Crazy Russian drives his homemade motorcycle
This crazy Russian drives his homemade motorcycle made out of a gigantic log. This guy has to be drunk on hand sanitizer or something.
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Ralph Goodale is Justin Trudeau's lackey
This video proves Ralph Goodale is Justin Trudeau's lackey. If this was an episode of The Simpson's then Trudeau is Mr. Burns and Goodale is Waylon Smithers.
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2018 SGI commercial
Summer 2018 SGI commercial. A reminder not to leave keys in your vehicle.
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White racist piece of shit attacks black Denny's employee
This white man is one racist piece of shit. He decides to attack a black Denny's employee.
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Cobra Kai trailer
A YouTube Red special series. Based on the Karate Kid movie series.
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Intense Bot fly removal
You will feel disgusted watching this video.
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Unreleased combat footage in Afghanistan
Unreleased combat footage in Afghanistan of American forces. Footage taken in 2017.
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Classic booty shaking by this gorgeous black woman
This gorgeous black woman shakes her big booty just for you.
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Robotic drill sergeant
This U.S. Marine drill sergeant inspects a rifle like a robot.
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Wayne's World "Chinese Takeout" scene
The "Chinese Takeout" from the classic 1991 movie Wayne's World starting: Mike Myers, Tia Carrere, Rob Lowe, Brian Doyle Murray, Dana Carvey, Ed O'Neill and Lara Flynn Boyle
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Medicinal Cocaine: The Coca plant
The medicinal properties of the coca plant and Cocaine. Will this be the next step in legalization of drugs after marijuana? You be the judge and share with us your opinion in the comment section below. #TalkShit
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Preparing chicken for the supermarket
Don't be deceived by the packaging in the supermarket. Somethings look like a great deal but sometimes are not. Somethings are full of hot air.
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Senate committee on the Trudeau regime letting ISIS terrorists into Canada
What is Maryam Monsef thinking?!? It’s incomprehensible that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals decided to welcome ISIS terrorists back into Canada and refuse to consider the impact this might have on women fleeing their attackers. The Liberals are once again failing Canadians.
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Erin O'Toole talks to media about the Atwal affair
Justin Trudeau has failed to be honest with Canadians about the Atwal affair. Tune in to find out how Conservatives will ensure the Prime Minister tells the truth about his disastrous trip to India.
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American History X movie trailer
The movie trailer to the classic 1998 movie American History X. Staring: Edward Norton, Edward Furlong, Beverly D'Angelo, Jennifer Lien, Avery Brooks and Stacey Keech.
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Epic drunk Russian fails 💯
Epic drunk Russian fails
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Andrew Scheer talks about Justin Trudeau accepting gifts from the Aga Khan
Justin Trudeau received “unacceptable gifts” from the Aga Khan. Transparency rules exist for a reason. Today I asked if he returned the gifts. He didn’t have an answer for me.
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The final scene of Braveheart
In this scene from the classic 1995 movie Braveheart, Robert the Bruce pays homage to William Wallace before heading into battle. Staring Mel Gibson as William Wallace.
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Chinese woman cigarettes and alcohol magic trick
Watch this Chinese lady perform a magic trick involving alcohol and cigarettes
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André the Giant's enormous hand
André the Giant has one enormous hand. Look at the thing. What the hell was the guy given?
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Thurman Belvins murder on police body cam
Was Thurman Belvins murdered by police? You be the judge. This is the police officers body can footage. Watch it and you be the judge. Leave your opinion in the comment section below.
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Zimbabwe independence celebrations
This is the 38th annual celebration of Zimbabwe independence. Great music to dance to. I hope all of you enjoy. Please like, share, comment and subscribe.
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Wal-Mart employees fight customers
Watch these Wal-Mart employees lose their suit on a customer. They end up in hand to hand combat. #TalkShit # Trudeau #SJW #Cuck #Liberal #Sissy #DavidHogg
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Apache helicopter combat footage
Enjoy the combat footage of this Apache helicopter. Filmed in the deserts of Afghanistan 2016.
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Plump white woman shaking her booty
This white woman is nice and plump. But that isn't stopping her from shaking her booty.
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U.S. Marines involved in heavy fire fight in Afghanistan
Rare combat footage in Afghanistan involving U.S. Marines. Parental discretion is advised.
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Allied forces in Afghanistan
Combat footage taken in Afghanistan. Allied forces engaged the Taliban.
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Allied forces engaged in combat with ISIS
Unreleased combat footage in Syria. This was a fire fight in Mosul in May 2018.
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NDP exposes male dominance in the work force.
Male dominance in the work force must come to an end. All men must become cucks.
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Beautiful black woman shaking her big booty in a grocery store
There isn't any place that is a bad place for a beautiful black woman to shake her big booty. This fine young lady gets down in a grocery store.
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Mortal Kombat 3 secret menus
Here's the secret menus to Mortal Kombat 3. Enjoy the cheats losers.
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