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Mabel the beagle rolling in the dir/leaves
You should definitely get a beagle but be warned, they love dirt baths and rolling in smelly grass (especially if it’s another animals pee)
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Beagle mix first day home, makes himself at home 🤣
Beau the Beagle/coonhound mix playing with his bed. This is at my parents house, my dad has Alzheimer’s and I was dad sitting but I had also gone and gotten a puppy
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I’m think Mabel hates Beau at this point
I dunno these two aren’t getting along very well right now
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May 9, 2018
Beagle mix and pug puppy playing at the park
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Beagle Beau afraid of a fork lol 😂
Beagle/ coonhound mix Beau is afraid of a fork, bless his 💜
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July 6, 2018
Beagle feigning disinterest in my food
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When a beagle snores lol
Mabel the beagle knows how to get comfortable
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Beau the beagle mix loves his grandma
He’s getting big! But he loves his grandma
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Beau and Mabel the beagles playing at the dog park
These two can’t get enough of this place
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Beau found my hair curler to chew on
That silly puppy 🐶 loves to chew on everything except his chewies
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Beau’s first time at the dog park
And he acts like he owns the place already lol
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Mabel before she got her fatty tumor removed 🐶
Mabel had 2 huge fatty tumors and then another dinner plate sized layer of fat under that. She had them removed May of 2017 and now she’s a happy girl again
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