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Jerry Tindell Interview on Mule Training (Part 1 of 2)
Jerry is asked questions prepared from Mulesonly Yahoo Group. Interview host: Pete Kriger
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Jerry Tindell Interview: Mule Training (Part 2 of 2)
Jerry Talks about training mules and the Backcountry Horsemen
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Tiska handled by Jerry Tindell
Jerry Tindell wroked with my mule Tiska at the BackCountry Horsemen Rendezvous in Norco. Video shows a short section of ground work and some nice extended trot and free loping. In this video Jerry is riding with only a halter without a bit.
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2012 Fuller Ridge
BCHC members pack in supplies for CA State Parks and CCC on the first day of of the 2012 trail project.
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Prusik Loop attached to Highline
Demo attaching Prusik Loop to a highine for mules or horses.
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JoJo saddle Mule
July 8 2017 cleaning and trimming hooves. Demo for Kao. JoJo is calm and compliant when cleaning and trimming hooves. She does like a treat now and again.
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JC Martin Saddle
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Paso Fino in Puerto Rico
Trail ride from the Rancho Bueno Vista, Humacao, PR. One of the largest Equestrian Centers in the Caribbean
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BMD Parade
Bishop Mule Days Parade
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Agility speed challenge w music
Del Mar Dog Agility Speed Challenge was the opening act for the international showing jumping show. We were happy and proud of our 10 year old Border Collie. She ran fast and clean and earned her place in the top ten; she is the lead dog in this video.
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2010 Flash Flood.wmv
January 20-21 2010 Flash Flood in Live Oak Canyon
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104 1847
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Nim's 2nd herding lesson short edit
This is the tail end of our second lesson. I think we did alright and ended on a good note.
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Warm up in Moreno Valley
walk, trot, and serpentine movements with Tiska. Monday morning March 5, 2012. We later moved to a Bosal and picked up a nice lope. We even added JoJo fitted with a Decker Pack Saddle for fun and experience.
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Heartbar Ride July 9
mule ride with backcountry horsemen
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Mule targets Jolly Ball
Day two of the Mule Fetching challenge. JoJo targets the Jolly Ball and lips the handle slightly.
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Birch Aquarium Aug 7
aquarium in La Jolla
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JoJo and Tiska run and tussle
Mules turned out for exercise
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Cowboy Shoot
Jan 9th, Moreno Valley Equestrian Center Cowboy shooting event. I think this guy wasn't fully loaded or only half cocked, LOL.
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turnout and whistle in
July 9 2017 it was just over 100 degrees this afternoon and the mules still wanted to run around and get some exercise. It was still easy enough to whistle them in for dinner.
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Hazard Tree Removal
Fir Tree near Redwood Creek
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Feb Winery Ride
San Gorgonio Pass Unit of Back country Horsemen California takes a relaxing ride around the Renzoni Winery in Temecula.
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Phoebe nov05 tunnelers
Phoebe is one fast border collie/ McNab. She goes a little off course here, and takes a tunnel twice but her time was still faster than the rest of the dogs...too bad it didn't count.
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Highline Construction
Demonstration of a stock highline
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Flash Flood Aug 30 2012
Flash Flood as viewed near the intersection of Live Oak and San Timoteo Canyons Redlands, CA
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Head Wringing Mule
Feeding time behavior of JoJo, the Hafflinger Mule
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Mule ride and packing
mule ride packing project
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JoJo round and round
Arena turnout for my hafflinger mule JoJo
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