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Avalanche City - We are for the wild places
Taken from the new album "We are For The Wild Places" DISCLAIMER: I reserve no rights to this video, all credit goes to the rightful owners
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Dreamfall the longest journey extended trailer
Trailer For Dreamfall that came with the original longest journey when I bought it.
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Titular Nebular Highway To Ride
Track 2 off the debut EP by Titular Nebular-Flying Castles in the sky A mix of The beatles Ticket to Ride and AC DCs highway to hell, this musical genius was the result of one afternoons strange events I can't remember leading to the two songs fusion. The second verse and bridge however are entirely original (as is the title) This is a rough version however but better than the piece of crap that was on here before Oh yes preorder the New EP and get $5 off email heydonmcintosh (at) hotmail dot com to enquire Titular Nebular-the band of the future
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Nong Ping Cable Car Hong Kong
Riding On The Nong Ping Cable Car In Hong Kong. December 2013
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American Starchild - New York City (Demo Take)
A lovely track off Christchurch Band American Starchild's upcoming Demo CD. American Starchild Comprises Of Heydon McIntosh - Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar Robert Poynter - Vocals, Bass, Piano Brendan Kaldor - Drums
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Sleeping Dogs Glitch - Punching Bag Pasenger
Sleeping Dogs PS3 edition.
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Lighthouse Man
Footage of a vicious attack by two young New Zealand boys on a lighthouse statue in New Caledonia. Absolutely disgusting. .
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Elton John Your Song Satanic Chipmunk version
Elton Johns masterpiece remixed G hoebanger Created by Titular Nebular
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Titular Nebular- Crazy Bulgarian Man (AKA H2R Backwards)
Titular Nebulars Greatest hit (so far) Highway to Ride edited backwards.
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Under the sea Titular Nebular broken record remix
Titular Nebulars First Techno Remix, remixed version of Under The Sea from Walt Disneys The Little Mermaid
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