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BPC vs. BPC10.1 Unified and Classic
Watch this Webinar to learn about SAP's BPC roadmap and how this might potentially effect key decisions around your BPC implementation. You will get an insight into the latest version of SAP BPC10.1 which is the unification of the BW based planning "BW-IP" and SAP BPC.
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Migrating BW to BW on HANA: Lessons Learned from Multiple Successful Migrations
BW-on-HANA migrations are complex undertakings with many important preliminary and post processing steps. Learn from one of Method360's BW-on-HANA migration experts who have conducted numerous successful migrations to SAP HANA and discover how to structure your BW-on-HANA migration projects.
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Method360: Data Lineage and Data Impact Leveraging Information Steward's Metadata Manager
No matter the size of organization you're working in, people relying on the values presented in reports increasingly want to know how did those values come to be. A primary goal of any information governance mission is to make derivations of information transparent to the user of that information. This goal has often gone unmet because tools to facilitate that mission were not available and or were too difficult to maintain. Attend this presentation to see how Metadata Manager, within Information Steward, can enable transparency, clarity and ultimately trust in those values. Join Method360's Information Management Practice Lead, James Hanck, to be guided through the process of capturing, exposing and maintaining lineage. We will highlight where SAP has made the process easy and where there is still a little bit of heavy lifting to be done. This presentation will guide you through the configuration and usage of Metadata Manager and to what level information is displayed through various ETL tools, SAP Business Warehouse, Business Objects semantic layers and reports. It will also show options for exposing this information to the user community.
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Leveraging SAP HANA with Apache Hadoop
The rise of big data and the Apache Hadoop platform allows for the capture and processing of data at an unprecedented scale and velocity. Watch this webinar to get a comprehensive overview of the Apache Hadoop platform architecture and learn how to leverage the strengths of both the Apache Hadoop and SAP HANA platforms. Presented by: Bing Chen, Director BW/HANA
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Executive Dashboard Design on Tableau
Join Method360’s Senior BI Consultant, Jeremy Alper, as he explores the process of building out executive level Tableau dashboards from beginning to end. From gathering requirements, to UI/UX design, this webinar will cover everything needed to create dashboards your executives will love!
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BW/HANA BOBJ 4.0 Integration and Demo
Shankar Muthuswamy, Sr. Manager and Practice Lead, Business Intelligence, will demonstrate how to integrate HANA with the latest BOBJ BI 4.0 SP6 reporting suite. This webinar will show how to create a connection to SAP HANA, build a relational data foundation and expose the Business layer to the BusinessObjects BI Reporting suite as well as publish results to Dashboards by massaging the data in Web Intelligence and creating parallel threads of execution using BI Web Services. Webinar -- Demo includes: ** Learn how to build a common semantic layer (UNX) using the Information Design Tool on top of SAP HANA and publish for consumption in the BusinessObjects reporting layer. ** Understand fundamentals of the semantic layer by creating a connection to SAP HANA, building a relational data foundation and exposing the Business layer to the BusinessObjects Reporting suite. ** Consume the SAP HANA UNX universe in Web Intelligence and publish results to Dashboards using BI Web Services. ** Learn the power of BI Web Services by massaging the data in Web Intelligence and creating parallel threads of execution. ** Build a Dashboard from scratch by consuming results from BI Web Services and creating a dynamic visualization on top of SAP HANA. ** Learn how to make Dashboards more interactive by leveraging features such as geo-enablement, dynamic visibility and allowing detail drill-through to Web Intelligence. ** Learn how to optimize dataflow to Dashboards by caching with BusinessObjects scheduling or refresh on demand when using BI Web Services.
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Data Services: New Features to Watch for in 4.2 SP5 - Part 1 of 3
Lee Barendse, Enterprise Information Management Consultant, talks you through the new features of Data Services 4.2 SP5 in this 3 part series. In this first video, Part 1, Lee focuses on Debug Package Creation and File Management Functions.
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Enterprise Scheduling in Data Services - DEMO
​Method360's Enterprise Information Management team member, Lee Barendse, demonstrates how to enable SAP Data Services to effectively communicate with an enterprise scheduler and incident management application.
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Data Services: New Features to Watch for in 4.2 SP5 - Part 2 of 3
Lee Barendse, Enterprise Information Management Consultant, talks you through the new features of Data Services 4.2 SP5 in this 3 part series. In Part 2, Lee focuses on Repository Switching and Workflow Object Bypassing.
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Importance and value of enterprise data modeling in support of your SAP HANA implementation
Presented by: Bing Chen, Director, Business Intelligence for Method360 * Learn how a dimensional modeling methodology is key to usability, performance and extensibility regardless of your underlying technology. * Learn how good data modeling techniques are critically important for your SAP HANA implementation scenarios. * Learn how good data modeling practices apply to BW as well -- with HANA as the database your BW modeling gets easier! * Sample plan and demo for implementing a Kimball-based data model in SAP HANA Synopsis: Even with the many performance and scalability benefits of HANA, good implementation methodologies and a well-designed data models are as important as ever. Attend this session and learn how to apply the principles of the Kimball Lifecycle to create a robust dimensional data models and ultimately drive a successful HANA data warehouse implementation.
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SAP BI 4.1 Upgrade Readiness and Lessons Learned
Learn what it takes to ensure readiness for a SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 Upgrade and talk through best practices involved in a BusinessObjects Upgrade & migration of content.
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SAP Analytics Cloud Demo
See key features of SAP Analytics Cloud demonstrated in real time. Contact Method360 today for a custom demo.
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Enabling Metadata to the Enterprise through Information Steward 4.2
A primary goal of information stewardship is enabling access to the information about information. SAP has been improving access to this information version after version. That said, SAP Information Steward 4.2 has made a huge leap in enabling this information to be exposed to any application. Join us as we walk you through step by step on how to share this information across the enterprise.
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Leveraging SAP HANA with Apache Hadoop
The rise of Big Data and the Apache Hadoop platform allows for the capture and processing of data at an unprecedented scale and velocity. Watch this webinar to get a comprehensive overview of Hadoop platform architecture, including the differences between Hadoop and SAP HANA.
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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to BI 4.1
Webinar Synopsis: The first point release of the BI4 platform, BI 4.1, became generally available on September 9, 2013 providing both existing BI 4.0 customers as well as XI R2/R3 customers the option to take advantage of the new version. Join Method360, as Shankar, Practice lead, Business Intelligence, will illustrate what's new in the just-released BI 4.1 and Top 10 reasons why you should start planning your upgrade to the new release. Webinar-Demo Includes: • System Configuration Wizard (New) • Freeze Headers in Web Intelligence • Auto-Refresh (Avoiding #TOREFRESH) • Federation Editor in IDT
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Reconciling your EDW to Source Systems
Implementing an enterprise BI system is a significant organization investment. Too many times the expected benefit of that investment isn’t realized due to inconsistent data between the organization’s operational and BI systems. This webcast will explain several options to enable your organization to leverage its investment by providing options to reconcile the data from source operational systems to BI Speakers: James Hanck, Method360, Inc. Scott Hertel, Method360, Inc. Santosh Pappachan, Method360, Inc. Sunny Hiran, Method360, Inc.
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Predictive Analytics on HANA
Presenting: Bing Chen, Director of HANA at Method360 Harness the power of HANA to accelerate your predictive analytics and data mining models. Learn how to use SAP Predictive Analysis, HANA, and Lumira to prepare and provision source data, create predictive models, and visualize and share the results.
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Transforming Business Intelligence Testing
During this webinar you will learn how to strategically plan your manual and automated BI testing efforts so that it translates into a seamless and targeted tactical test execution phase leading to significant cost savings, increased reporting accuracy and greater business confidence.
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Data Services & Information Steward: How to Perform a Successful M&A Data Integration
Do you trust your data? Tune in to our Senior EIM Consultant, Christian, as he takes you through approaching this question as it relates to data integration in mergers & acquisitions.
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Case Study: How EP Energy Leverages Information Steward
Join Method360’s Enterprise Information Management practice lead, James Hanck, and EP Energy customer, Chris Josefy as they share lessons learned and best practices in their efforts to improve data quality, performance, and adherence to EP Energy’s capital budget utilization.
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SAP Analytics Cloud: How to implement custom sorting in hierarchies
Users of SAP Analytics Cloud will want to apply specific layouts to their hierarchies -- for example rearranging the order of Accounts in an Income Statement. However, applying that custom sorting isn't easily apparent. Here is a quick walk-through of how to get it done.
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Data Services: New Features to Watch for in 4.2 SP5 - Part 3 of 3
Lee Barendse, Enterprise Information Management Consultant, talks you through the new features of Data Services 4.2 SP5 in this 3 part series. In Part 3, Lee focuses on writing SQL queries directly against a HIVE Adaptor Datastore.
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BPC10 - Meeting complex business problems with flexible solutions
Presented by: Greg Stimpson, Vice President and EPM Practice Lead for Method360 Webinar Synopsis: The days of changing financial business planning process based on technological limitations are behind us. New platforms for planning and forecasting, including SAP's EPM/BPC suite of applications are flexible and scalable enough to meet the demands of complex business landscapes. Explore a synopsis of a complex business model, and learn how BPC 10 technology met the challenge. Based on an in-flight implementation, pushing the limits of cutting edge forecasting platforms. A live demonstration of the model will be an integral part of this presentation, as well as an interactive dialog with the principle solution and process architect on the ground. Key Benefits of Attending: * Live Demo of BPC 10 * Deep Dive into capabilities of BPC 10
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Test Automation Success in an FDA Validated Environment
Watch this #webinar to learn how our client, the world's foremost medical imaging and cardiovascular core lab, SYNARC (now BioClinica), successfully implemented Test Automation in a tightly regulated FDA environment. What was done, why, and what are the key takeaways for any organization, either considering Test Automation or looking for ways to improve their ROI initiatives?
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The Benefit of Going to Information Steward 4.2
A primary goal of information stewardship is enabling access to the information about information. SAP has been improving access to this information version after version. That said, SAP Information Steward 4.2 has made a huge leap in enabling this information to be exposed to any application. Join us as we walk you through step by step on how to share this information across the enterprise. Presented by James Hanck, Method360 Information Management Practice Lead
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Creating Business Impact Driven Data Quality Scorecards with Information Steward
Presented by: James Hanck, Vice President and Enterprise Information Management Practice Lead for Method360 Webinar Synopsis: Data Quality is cited as the primary cause for 40% of anticipated value from business initiatives never being achieved. This webinar explores a tactical methodology on eliminating these data quality issues and measuring the directly associated benefit. A live demonstration of how Information Steward enables this methodology will be an integral part of this presentation as well as interactive dialog with the principal process and solution architect. Learn how to: * Conduct meaningful workshops to identify business impacting data quality issues * Develop a data quality scorecard that enables meaningful insight into an enterprise's quality of information and identifies where corrective attention needs to be applied * Analyze data quality trends over time in order to determine where information governance is most needed
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2014 Trends for Testing-as-a-Service
Learn the evolving 2014 trends in the Quality Assurance Testing space, and what this means to successful delivery through a Testing-as-a-Service based model. We address key concepts that will help your organization progress along the path to maturity with end-to-end test capabilities
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Enhancements within Data Services 4.2
SAP has been busy enhancing Data Services to ensure it's bringing the functionality that enterprises need. In this session we will be exploring the enhancements that you'll receive in Data Services 4.2 SP1.
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Translating Big Data Insight Into Action
Method360’s Financial Management practice lead, Steve Stone, presents how business teams can translate their Big Data insights into action by leveraging a “Crosshairs” solution, powered by ClearPoint Strategy.
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SAP Dashboards 4.1 Advanced Visualization Techniques
The most consistent challenge organizations face when rolling out a dashboard is poor user adoption rates. In this session you will learn how to create valuable and user-friendly SAP Dashboards that your executives will love. 1) Create and integrate custom graphics into your dashboards using the free tool paint.NET. 2) Create an intuitive dashboard design based on the way the human mind processes visual input. 3) Extract valuable requirements from your users, even when they themselves don’t yet know what they want.
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Leverage Social Media Data to Glean Actionable Customer Insight
Customer opinion data is increasingly more available with access to streams of social media data. Attend this webcast to gain insight into how SAP Data Services can be utilized to capture unstructured information and transform it into actionable customer sentiment upon which decisions can be based. Presented by James Hanck, VP of Enterprise Information Management, Method360
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A Field-Tested Guide to Implementing a High-Performing SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 Solution
Presented by: Shankar Muthuswamy, Senior Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Professional with Method360 Webinar Synopsis: Learn how a senior BI consultant has helped dozens of companies overcome SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 implementation challenges and pitfalls that can result in poor system performance after go-live. The speaker draws on personal experience in the field to provide you with: * Best practices to prepare and size systems in a heterogeneous landscape for optimal performance when working with large data volumes * Techniques to build better semantic layer (universe) models with the right data foundations and business layers * Methods to architect multi-source data federation scenarios across SAP NetWeaver BW and non-BW data sources Come away with an understanding of BI front-end reporting tools and how to size and tune your back-end system to ensure that they perform according to user expectations.
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Method360: BPC: EPM Reporting vs. BusinessObjects 4.0 - Lessons Learned
Explore the methods used by one BPC10 client to provide both real-time access to reportable planning data and ad-hoc reporting flexibility using BOBJ. A deep dive into the lessons learned regarding the tools available for reporting in the EPM and BOBJ suite of applications.
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Leveraging Data Services to Boost Sales
Join Method360’s Sr. Enterprise Information Management consultant, Patrick Hanck, as he takes us through a real-life use case that ties sales opportunities captured in real-time, consumer to store proximities, and store stock levels to determine targeted discount logic for source e-commerce system.
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Method360 Effecta Demo
Method360 delivers powerful end-to-end test automation solutions that cover ERP, off the shelf, custom and best of breed applications. Effecta extends the capabilities of other leading industry tools such as HP and IBM Rational to enable script less test automation and provide automated impact analysis of changes, test data maintenance, test execution and validation.
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Method360 FREE BPC Upgrade Workshop
For finance departments who want to implement a new SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation system, Method360 offers a FREE Roadmap Workshop where Method360's Financial Management Practice analyzes your business and provides a strategy on how to make improvements to both technology AND business processes. Check out our video and visit www.method360.com to learn more!
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Method360: Methods of Success with Erik Goodman
Watch Erik Goodman (Lam Research) and Greg Stimpson (Method360) describe their partnership for a successful financial systems transformation project.
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Accelerating Your Retail Environment - Agile-Driven Quality Assurance and Testing
Watch our webinar to understand how you can restructure your project efforts and priorities to accelerate your retail environment. Quality Assurance Director, Sunny Hiran, will review the benefits of implementing an agile-driven quality assurance and testing framework to achieve targeted validation and certification activities in an accelerated pace.
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Test Automation Success in Five Actionable Steps
Learn how to setup and implement a successful Test Automation strategy that will allow you to methodically build a scalable, repeatable and cost effective solution, allowing for accelerated build validation with near defect free releases into production.
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Choosing The Right Planning Tool
Choosing the right Finance Planning tool can be complicated. Method360 can help you find the best fit for your company.
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Performance Testing: Eliminate System Outages and Save Millions
Within minutes, organizations can incur losses totaling tens of millions of dollars due to unplanned production outages that are the result of poor performance. By watching this webinar you will gain an understanding of critical success factors that will allow you to implement cost-effective and scalable performance test initiatives. Presented by Sunny Hiran, Quality Assurance Director, Method360
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