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Percival's Island Sasquatch
Lynchburg Virginia Percival's Island hunting ground or possible dwelling.
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Sunset walk A guide to finding Homo Floresiensis
A walk at Ivy Creek Park in Forest, Virginia. My First Response whistle I got on audio but did not hear it in the woods.
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Ivy creek park hide
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Sasquatch post
Wythville Virginia Teepee May 18, 2018
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OCD Cryptids
Percival's Island. When you get it, it becomes so simple.
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Rock stack house
I say house because it's Hollow on the inside. It's stacked on a bigger rock all that dirt is a rock on the ground.
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Langhorne rd. 2018 walk
A walk and muggy weather along the Blackwater Creek Trail Langhorne Road side
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Richland Hills Lynchburg Va
A brief glimpse at what might be an area occupied by Sasquatch.
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Traditional Troll and Sasquatch Theory
Both the mythological Troll and the Sasquatch could be one in the same.
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Return to Percival's Island
It's hot I'm sweaty. I had a bike ride for the whole length of the island. Get discouraged.
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Nomad Forest Creatures
Sandusky Park Lynchburg Va May something 2018.
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