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DIY tent stove/wood burning stove
I saw some some stainless tubs being thrown out at work so I decided to have a go at making a wood burning stove.
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Six Moon Designs Skyscape Trekker Final Thoughts
After owning this tent for just over a year I wanted to give a final and proper review. I have have used it in all conditions and it has served me very well. A good piece of kit like this is worth it's weight in gold IMHO.
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Pyramid tent from 8'x10' Tarp
An idea that I got from my mate Pharoah . A great way to comfortably protect yourself from the elements in stormy weather using a rectangular tarp. This set up is using my ridgeline from my hammock tarp set up and an 8'x10' siltarp.
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Swiss Army Folding Candle Lantern
A look at a practical and effective piece of kit for when you are in camp. It can also be safely carried.
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Tarp Tent Double Rainbow review
An overview of my Tarp Tent, Double rainbow hiking tent. Apologies of the audio levels dropping out, and the initial mistyness (very cold morning) a new camera, etc,
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Gas Cylinder Wood Stove
A look at a home made gas cylinder wood stove or my version of an ozpig stove. I have posted this video because there seems to be quite a bit of interest in this kind of stove. Fairly easy to make, if a bit time consuming. I use it quite a lot now for cooking outdoors and it's very easy and effective.
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Vintage Optimus 8R Hunter Camping Stove
The vintage Swedish Optimus 8R hunter. A real character of a stove.
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My 3 Favorite Bushcraft Items
I got tagged by canoebushcraft to show my 3 favorite bushcraft items, thanks Joe. The items I have chosen could be viewed to be just camping items but in terms of getting out in the bush for all activities, including bushcraft, these are the items that, at the moment are my favorites. I spend a lot of time outdoors, so when it comes to choosing gear, a lot of thought and research goes into my choices. I like my gear to be well made, versatile and as far as possible, good value for money. My knees have pretty much put a halt in my long distance hiking/bushcrafting for now, so although most of this gear could be used when hiking, my gear choices are slowly bending towards a canoe/kayak type set up. Apologies for the bad iphone video, can't find my camera(I really gotta clean up the man cave) The three people that I am going to pass this tag onto will be Howling Dingo- http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt7OjVJJVMvgbD-05LAUeSg GreyBear- http://www.youtube.com/user/graybearbushcraft Runningstreammx- http://www.youtube.com/user/runningstreammx
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Six moon Design Lunar Solo Tent
A look at the Six Moon Designs Luna Solo Tent. 650g/24oz A roomy, one person, ultralight tarp tent.
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Lightweight Coast Overnighter Six Moon Designs Skyscape
A little test for my Six Moon Designs Skyscape trekker, MBD Elite stove clone, my diy ultralight cook set and some other light weight options. I got it down to 4kg/8.81lbs. Obsession doesn't weigh anything ;)
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Mountain laurel Designs Exodus Backpack
An Overview
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Diy Bail for the Snowpeak 900
This is how my bail/billy conversion is made for my Snowpeak 900, but it would work for any rolled rim cup with a side handle.
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Vintage Swiss Army Salt and Pepper backpacks
These great old packs are perfect for bushcraft overnighters with a bit of a traditional feel. I go through the main differences in these packs and have a look at the WWII era bread bag and it's contents.
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Pup Tent Mod Overnighter
In this video I'm out again with the modified US pup tent. I try a different set up and have a look around the forest. Emu with young footage at the end of the video.
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Solo 3 Day Kayak Trip and Camp (entire trip)
Very sorry to all that have trawled through the single videos of this trip. But I have worked through the bugs and have edited together in its entirety(if not in the right order) I'll work all this out I promise.
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Tarp Camping In Very High Winds
One way to tackle making camp in strong winds. Site selection is of paramount importance as is the pitch of the tarp.
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Sprung Fish Trap
One way of securing some food. Works well with a very basic survival fishing kit.
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Mushroom Foraging In the Forest
An abundant mushroom season puts on a great show in the pine forest.
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Keep Meat Frozen With Your Cozy
Just a look at another use for your reflectix food rehydrate cozy. It kept my pork chop pretty much frozen for 9 hours.
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Sawyer  3-Way Inline Water Filter
A look at the Sawyer 3 way inline water filter. Model # sp-122. Paired up with the Platypus big zip 3L. 51g- 1.8oz Filters 9.9999% of bacteria and protozoan cysts. The 3 way kit also comes with a rubber fitting to place over a tap/fawcet. I recentley used this in asia and it worked fine.
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Canoe trip and camp pt.2
Just passing some Hawkesbury river oyster leases and finally getting to Marramarra creek camp ground.
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Vintage stoves
A look at some vintage stoves that I've acquired over the years.
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sven saw folding backpack saw
The fold down sven saw. An excellent saw to take into the backcountry. Easily handles large logs and even small trees.
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Overnight Bushcraft Kit Lay Out
This is the gear that I am taking out at the moment. As you can see, it has many of my general hiking pieces in it. I try to use what gear I already have as much as possible. Sorry about the ear splitting cicadas, just part of the aussie bush.
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Bushcraft /Wilderness Interest Books
A look at some of the books that have been influential to me over the years. Nessmuck-Woodcraft and camping/dover press. Horace Kephart- Camping and woodcraft , Greyowl-Tales from an empty cabin
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Bushcraft Bag / Haversack
Thought I'd show one of my favorite pieces of gear. I have used this bag constantly for the last three and a half years, everyday at work and for day bushcrafting. It is a replica of a WWI british officers musette bag. I purchased this bag from What Price Glory, an online re-enactors suppliers.
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Solo weekend canoe trip and wild camp.
Another wild camp on out on the waterways south of Sydney. A long first day with an 18 km paddle, but very secluded and worth it. The audio is slightly out for some reason, apologies. I ditched the two ended kayak paddle that came with the canoe and used a canoe paddle which kept me dry and once I got the hang of the J stroke all was good.
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Bushcraft Trip by Canoe '14 Part 1
I have wanted to revisit Myall lakes since my last visit that's featured in my Myall lakes flooded yak trip video. It was impressive last time even if most of the camp sites were inaccessible, but it was completely stunning this time. I can't recommend it enough as a paddling destination. This time I'm joined by my mate Leppy who has a great youtube channel. I'm uploading it in 2 parts as my home internet is pretty sluggish and takes a very long time. The second half features some nice glassy water and sunny conditions.
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P-44 Water Bottle and Cup
Just a look at the P-44 water bottle and cup. This was made between 1944 and '45 and is the predecessor to the P-58 bottle that is used within the Crusader cook system.
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Emergency Blanket Tarp Camp Out
I wanted to go on a bit of a minimal gear overnighter so I adapted an SOL Adventure Medical Kit 2 person emergency blanket. It worked great as a shelter and fire reflector, keeping me warm and protected.
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New camp and  the Purcell Trench Grill
I Broke some new ground and found a spot for the night. I use my Purcell Trench Grill to cook a simple meal and a look also at some useful local plants. http://lawsonequipment.com/Backpacking-Grills-c129/
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Condor Bushlore 2011 model Knife Review
The new model condor bushlore. Although still needing some attention when new, a very good value bushcraft/survival knife and a vast improvement on the older model.
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Myall Lakes National Park Multi Day Trip Part 1
A four day trip that turned into a three day trip into the beautiful but flooded Myall Lakes National Park. Following a couple of weeks of very heavy rain, water levels were at a 25 year high in the park. Road access to the lakes was limited and had to do some long reverses down trails to get back out. I'm going to do this upload in 2 parts as it's a bit long. Hope you enjoy it.
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Canoe trip and camp pt.1
Setting off from Mooney Mooney bridge for an overnighter just after dawn on a misty morning in the Old Town Guide 147.
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Pine forest Shelter Build
An ovenrnighter in a pine forest with a shelter construction and some local scenery. Bahco Laplander sheath link; http://stores.ebay.com.au/wicekleather?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
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Berowra Creek Overnighter
A very short video of an overnighter in Berowra Creek, just north of Sydney.
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Myall Lakes National Park Multi Day Trip Part 2
After a very rainy night, I headed north up two mile lake to find more extreme flooding. I then headed to Boolambayte Lake to check it out.
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Whitsunday Islands Kayak Camping Trip
A four day kayak camping holiday in the Whitsunday Islands.
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I spent some rainy days making some new alcohol stoves for future hiking trips. All stoves are made using recycled cans/bottles and hairspray cans.
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4 Day Kangaroo Valley Solo Kayak Trip Pt.1 + Gear Set Up.
A great 3 night Kayak Trip down in the Kangaroo Valley. The camps in this video are at Lake Yorunga and Shoalhaven Gorge. This video includes my gear rundown also.I am making my videos fairly basic now on youtube video editor as my other editing software wont upload. Hope you enjoy it.
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Wild edibles Geebungs
Geebungs(Persoonia spp.) are found all over the eastern coast of N.S.W. Fruiting occurs in summer. The ripe fruit can be squeezed out of the skin and the flesh chewed off the inner stone. The stones can be roasted and the inner nut eaten. The juice from the fruit was used in dying reeds/grasses to make dilly bags. The bark, if soaked, can be used in tanning. It also has some medicinal uses, so all in all a very important plant to the area.
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Ezyspit with Modifications
Just a look at the Easyspit. A flat packing fire pit, rotisserie, BBQ, and the modifications that I did to the spit support ends. It's a great portable fire pit to take camping, and it doesn't leave a fire scar. I found that it was too high as it came, for efficient roasting, other than maybe roasting a whole animal. Now that I have cut down the ends, about 70 mm shorter, It works just fine, and saves a lot of fuel. It also works great for a fire pit at home or camping or as a BBQ. The whole unit comes apart for flat pack transport. http://www.ezyspit.com/product/es600/ Click on my "Wall Tent Camping" video to see it used as a fire pit.
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Pot Roast With Milo Can Alcohol Stove
Just a look at making a large alcohol stove to cook a pot roast.
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Alite Monarch and Helinox Chair One Review
After many questions regarding what chairs feature in my videos, this is a look at them and my thoughts about them. Helinox Chair one; Weight - 960g/2.11lbs (in bag) 890g unpacked Packed Dimensions - 35x12x12cm/14x5x5" Carrying Capacity - 153kg/339lbs Cost - (From website) $124 Alite Monarch Chair; Weight - 590g/1.3lbs (in bag) 490g/1lb unpacked Carrying Capacity - 113kg/249lbs Cost - (from website) $70
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Berowra Canoe Camp
Out for a last minute 2 night trip in the Berowra Creek system in the Canoe. It was nice to get out for a multi day solo trip again. It's been far too long. I could re-name this video "at the mercy of the tides" ;)
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RNPJurassic jungle hike
A walk from Otford to Garie, passing the very interesting palm jungle at burning palms. A remnant of a vast pre historic palm forest.
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3 Day Bushcraft Canoe Trip with Lepmeister
Myself and Lepmeister headed out on a three day canoe trip into the Kangaroo Valley and Lake Yorrunga. The weather was pretty perfect and the fish were biting. This time of year the cicadas are out in force and most of this video pretty loud with them. It was loud for us too. It was a great trip with perfect conditions. Hope you enjoy it.
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Bushcraft Breakfast Tag
I got a bushcraft breakfast Tag from HowlingDingo. I had a rare chance to get out solo in the canoe so headed down a local creek with a bag full of oily fish. I am going to pass this tag on to - http://www.youtube.com/user/nudgabollocks http://www.youtube.com/user/canoebushcraft1 http://www.youtube.com/user/steintanz
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Pack Refurbish and Oilskin Swag 2 Night Bushcraft Trip Part 1
I had a couple of new bits of kit to test out, the boy scots of america vintage 1329 deluxe yucca pack, the other a prototype diy oilskin swag. So I headed out on a bit of an adventure to try them out. Also a bit of Australian Bushcraft
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