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Street Skating Minnesota - Brandon Rohda
Found Skate Spots in Minnesota and Skated Them all of these Spots are illegal to Skate on One of Them even had Skate stoppers so we couldn't grind the ledge Hope u Enjoy!
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LINK TO THE AMAZING CHANNELS BETA GAMES-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqG8lRAfZwDdfYCFKp0NsKA CRAZYBLAZE-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8QLrzmOyq1edVas_dLL4g Link to the free gameplay-https://youtu.be/ipfh_YS9OqQ
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(Stupid People Compilation) Commentary
Here's the link to fail army the guy that made this video possible https://youtu.be/aD_Gp083b2U Want to play fortnite with me? Then add me u might just be able to be in a video GAMERTAG XBOX=Lil L O S T yt Thanks for watching
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Skate/Funny Clips 2018
I will be dropping a sk8 series called sk8 for life so be ready for it thanks!
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Caught skateboarding by the principle
Yeah so this happend while I tried to kick flipped the five My friend stopped recording early so that's why it ended so quick but hopefully this was entertaining
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Hope u guys like it if not I won't use it tell me what I can improve on thanks. 🤙🔥🤙
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Sk8 For Life
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(How to tape a Box) Commentary
Well I have to do something for content in the winter lmao https://youtu.be/GzvJRseR6z4 Btw guys this video is for entertainment purposes only
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Skateboarding 2018-Brandon Rohda
Hope u guys enjoy this is my 2018 year clips I put a lot of work into them so enjoy 🙏❤
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