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Obama sings "Sorry" by Justin Bieber
Obama sings "Sorry" by Justin Bieber, and yes, somebody has the time to make this!
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Surprising Sam With A Puppy!
We surprised Sam with a new puppy! welcome to the family Mac(:
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Toddler Saying Oh Sh...t
For some reason she did not like a bread slightly toasted. So she expressed herself/:
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UFC Cats Fight (parody)
UFC Cat Fight
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Cat Gets Caught Playing Pool!
haha my cat apparently likes to play pool as well, or was it luck? or did he actually put it there(:
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The Ultimate Cat Tree By NW E Cat Furniture
Reserve yours now before they are gone, they are limited! http://nwecatfurniture.com
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Emotional Wedding Proposal Surprise! - You Might Cry!
I pranked my girlfriend and told her we were just going to take pictures at the Oregon Dougan Falls. Well she ended up getting a big surprise(:
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Siberian Husky Falls Off Bed
Siberian husky falls off bed
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Top 7 Scary Stories HD - Don't Watch This If You Are Alone!
The point of this video is to film your honest reaction and then film your friends reactions, do it!(:
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