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Hot Sexy Body Painting Bikinis at Milpitas Fashion Show by Rose
More fabulous bodied women. Oh! and the paint is nice too.
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Pumping Iron 2  The Women
I will normally display nothing but sexy beautiful women (at least in my eyes) and I realize that there are likely roidy types that a........ would be better left to the imagination? But my favorite ( the hottest Ms. Olympia) Rachel Mclish is in this all female version. Thoughts?? Long as you agree HAHAHAHA
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Best tits girl! Boobs! ever !
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Body Paints YouTube (gravity defying breasts)
And a posterior, that well................ I think is pretty damn hot. Your thoughts?
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poses from last bodybuilding show
Bare facts, A life in review
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Rachel McLish cable flies in Pumping Iron 2
'' Call a spade a spade'' Hot girl on her back.
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Fitness motivation (a different direction for me)
I am not a big fan of ''ink'' especially on a hot girl. It is like defacing great art. Your thoughts. Like I said before '' as long as you agree'' ! Or what ever.
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I worked for MTV, My life in review just the fact "bare" as they may be
I was employed to bring 12 of my closest friends to protect Moresy and 10,000 of his closest friends. Grand Rapids, mi. "We were under paid!!"
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Rachel McLish squats in Pumping Iron 2
Same thing. Hot girl ''front squats'' you decide.
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Diggy-diggy-hole-my movie role (I am standing in the center)
And because I was not cast for this and so much taller than the original cast, I WAS STANDING IN A HOLE, to compensate. Hence the name. Plus my Son ( a mine crafter thought it might increase searches) Not so far. :-(
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Female Fitness Motivation   Go Get It!
Gratuitous hot girls..................Caught me.
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