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Crosman 99
I bought this pellet rifle for my birthday from an online gun auction. Its the Crosman model 99. It is a CO2 lever action .22 repeater. It's approximately 48 years old but functions perfectly. I only found one other video on YouTube regarding the Crosman 99 so I decided to share this video. Thanks for watching!
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Daisy Powerline 990
Daisy Powerline 990, made in the 1980's. It's production was abruptly discontinued after fatal incidences involving several young boys. It was deemed defective and Daisy pulled it of the market. Now, having owned one, I can see how bb's or pellets can get lodged in the breech and dislodge itself unexpectedly and become a hazard. This can be avoided with careful attention when operating and proper gun safety precautions (as with any air rifle). It's a pity it's production was stopped since it is a quality rifle (accurate, strong, duel fuel, duel ammo), just not intended to be used as a toy (again, as with any air rifle/bb gun)
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Crosman SA6 (Single action 6)
Crosman SA6 (Manufactured 1959 - 1969) CO2 powered .22 pellet six shooter. This pistol is loads of fun to shoot and if your an "Old West" fan like me, its a real treat!
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Augur Jans vintage canvas backpack
A smaller sized backpack with plenty of compartments. I actually missed mentioning a zipper compartment on the inside of the backpack in my review.
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M3 Medic Bag
Unpacking the M3 Medic bag to use as a home first aid / medicine storage.
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Cobra MicroTalk PR4000 WX
Just a brief overview of the Cobra Microtalk Walkie Talkies; Model PR4000 WX.
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Daisy Model Winchester 1894 BB gun
Daisy Model Winchester 1894 BB gun. Hardwood Stock and Forearm, Metal receiver with plastic Cocking lever. Great quality BB gun.
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My Hiking Staff / Hiking Stick
SE Hiking staff - Amazon.com Beads, para cord, leather cord - A.C. Moore (Arts and Craft store) CT State medallion - HikeAmerica.com Weaves and wrap patterns - YouTube.com
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Demonstration of the QB 57 air rifle. I use both .177 & .22 barrels.
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Thorfire & Suaoki Pocket Lanterns / Flashlights
Pocket Lantern/Flashlight: 1)Thorfire - Dynamo hand crank, low-high, Adapter charger 2)Suaoki - Solar, low-high-beacon, power bank, micro USB charger Update: I found out that the Thorfire can in fact act as a power bank and charge small devices like cell phones. It requires the right cable to do so, but once plugged into the device, using the hand crank will charge the phone.
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Crosman Model 1
To skip the intro talk and watch the shooting ...go to the 5 minute mark. The intro is for Crosman Model 1 as well as the Crosman 99 (Which I shoot in my other video). I wanted to redo the intro for the 99 becoz I didn't think the audio in the original intro was clear. Thanks for watching.
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Eton Microlink FR170
A short overview of the Eton Microlink FR170 emergency radio.
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Joe Whistler winter coat
A look at my new winter coat, by Joe Whistler. I made this video right after purchasing it from the Burlington Coat Factory for $50.
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Short Trail Hike in Connecticut (Crescent Lake)
Slideshow of my hike around Crescent Lake in Southington, CT. I have to admit, I think about 4 pictures from Sessions Woods in Burlington, CT got mixed into this video. I believe they are the ones where the sun is shining through the trees. ◇ Music Provided by NonCopyrightedMusic Vesuhda & MrFanatiq - Nature https://youtu.be/JrlMhEbVpzQ
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EDC Tactical Belts
A look at a few EDC belts that I use. 1) Blackhawk Riggers Belt 2) Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt 3) Gerber GDC Belt Tool
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Ozark Trail 2-person table setting
Just a brief overview of camping plates, cups and utensils I picked up from Wal-Mart.
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Survival Playing Cards
A brand of survival playing cards that I recently purchased. There are a lot of different companies that offer survival playing cards. I haven't seen this particular one on YouTube so I decided to make a short video.
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Milspec 5 LED Angle Head Flashlight USGI Style
A brief overview of a new flashlight that I purchased for $14. It is modeled after the USGI flashlight (Fulton). It's perfect for hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping trips. Crafted of molded plastic with assorted lenses. Features a 2-way switch, belt clip, and lanyard ring, and runs off 2 "D" batteries
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Rothco Military Cargo Bag
This is a brief overview of the Rothco Military Cargo bag with backpack straps. I was looking for something to travel with, within the US, when I'm visiting family or friends for a week or more. This bag seems to be good. I will have to see how it holds up over time.
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Energizer LED Cap Light
Just an overview and demo of the Energizer LED (30 Lumen) Cap Light.
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SA Face Shields + Thanks for subscribing!
A look at the face shields from SA Company.
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Incite Elite Swimming Goggles
Unpacking my new swimming goggles.
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KWA Adaptive Training Pistol ATP
Just a short video of my KWA ATP. This is not a review...there are so many reviews regarding this pistol already on YouTube, so it just a look at the pistol.
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Trek 3500 Update
Update look at my Trek 3500. The original video can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DkSgPEMxy8
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Life Gear 72Hr 2-Person Survival+First Aid Dry Bag
Purchased this dry bag survival kit to see how good it is. I'm not fully convinced it's worth the price. I'm sure I could have made my own dry bag survival kit with items that I found more useful and probably already have. The first aid kit, emergency rations and water were definitely worth it. Time will tell if the dry bag hold up. I hope my video can help other decide if this kit is right for them. Certainly, it's better than having nothing at all.
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Vintage Cap Gun Toys
A video showing 2 vintage cap gun toys. I believe these cap guns are from the 1960's. They are still in great working condition and fun to shoot.
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Merrell Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot
Just a short video of my Hiking shoes. My older ones are by Ozark Trail, and the new ones are by Merrel. I bought the Merrels from REI and their service was excellent. Update: So I ended up donating my Ozark Trail hiking shoes to Goodwill a week after using the Merrels; They were just so comfortable to hike with, I knew I wouldn't need to use the Ozark Trails anymore. If you are considering buying a pair of beginner hiking shoes, I would recommend the Merrels.
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Tanfoglio Witness 1911
Amateur review of my Tanfoglio Witness 1911 CO2 BB pistol.
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Pemmican Taste Test - Bear Valley, Epic Bar, Tanka Bar.
I apologize for the audio in this video. I didn't expect the camera closer to me to pick up the audio so much weaker than the one in front. Hopefully it is still watchable. Taste test of 3 different brands of pemmican with Datrex emergency water pouch. Also using my Sheffield folding knife.
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Vapur Element - collapsible water bottle
Taking a look at the Vapur "Element", 1 liter collapsible water bottle.
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Trustfire Z2 R5 Angle head Flashlight Part 2
Part 2 of this video demonstrates the 5 modes of the Trustfire Z2R5 flashlight. Please see Part 1 also. I really like this Flashlight and I am happy with my purchase.
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Crosman 2100 Classic (Camo and 550 Paracord sling)
A video showing the Mossy oak camo on the stock and pump arm. I used camo Gorilla tape. (Not sure how the long term result will be, but for now, it feels and looks great) I used 550 paracord (fall camo) in a cobra braid to make the sling.
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Surprise Birthday Present: Outdoor Survival Ammo Can
Outdoor Survival Ammo Can: https://shop.mancrates.com/store/products/outdoor-survival-ammo-can
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QB 78 Deluxe
Shooting my QB78 Deluxe (.177) air gun. This is the most accurate airgun I have ever fired. The reason I missed a few shots towards the end was because the rifle was running low on CO2 (You can notice how, in the video, I am confused as to why I am missing my shots). With new CO2, this rifle is extremely accurate and a strong shooter.
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