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First Video for the Kaitlynators
Today me and Collette Are going to show you guys my house. Also we are going to introduce our selfs to the youtube world! Hope you subscribe, Like and comment
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Caroline’s music video! (Baby come back)
This is crazy!😂😂😂
Views: 45 Kaitlyn Lucas
Target and Dicks Sporting Goods haul!! w/Caroline
Hey guys!! today me and Caroline, my good friend. Went to Target and dicks, We found all these cool things like, Buckets(lol), Candy, Puddy and makeup. Hope you guys like it!! also Im sorry the quality of the video was not great. Collette and I are still working on how to edit videos. Make sure to like and subscribe and dont forget to ring that bell!!
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Parody housewives and Kardashian’s
Idk what this is
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The Smoothie Challenge(Disgusting)
How you guys liked it! Tell me what else I should do!😊😋❤️
Views: 30 Kaitlyn Lucas

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