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First ever Razer Blade Pro (2016) GTX 1080 REVIEW! Should you get it?!
Hey guys i'm here today to bring you the first razer blade pro 2016 with the GTX 1080 review! Be sure to click the subscribe button and comment any questions below. Thanks! Notice: accidentally muted the audio when talking about the two fans on the bottom of the laptop. Sorry about that! the fan noise sounds LOUD through the computer but what do you expect with the guts inside? at max load and to keep the components at around max 80-82 celsius im okay with that. most of the time im gaming with my headphones in anyways and my friends on voice chat say they dont hear my laptop. It sounds louder during the benchmark but if you can listen to the end with the overwatch and rainbow 6 footage, that's how the fans really sound. even though the benchmark scored lower than expected, the laptop is STILL a BEAST!! Dont let that affect your decision. Should you get it? The answer is HELL YES!! I Use it every single day and I'm a videographer / photographer / gamer. Been happy with it every single day that I've had it (since November 17th) filmed with a Sony A7Rii with a 24-70 f2.8 GM. Link to unboxing : https://youtu.be/n8xNuPBMsPU www.twitter.com/shoutoutjt
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Kobe 1 Fade to Black FTB  unboxing (4K shot on Sony A7Sii)
Nike Kobe 1 Fade to Black unboxing Black Mamba Collection Be sure to hit the 4k button and subscribe for more videos! Shot with Sony A7Sii in 4k
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Vlog #2! (somewhat) Partying with friends in dallas!!
Weekend Recap !! no copyright intended! like it and subscribe! thanks! www.twitter.com/johnnyyflyy
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FIRST LOOK!! Razer Blade Pro 2016 Unboxing
There is a review video for this as well! Click here to see it! https://youtu.be/k9wBFOgAqm4 Here is an unboxing of the Razer Blade Pro 2016 with the GTX 1080! I apologize in advance because I had to record it with my ipad pro as my camera gear was being used by my company (@flipmediaprod on instagram) at a music festival. When I get a chance I will try to post more videos so please feel free to drop in the comments below on what you guys would like to see. The new Razer Blade Pro (2016) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 w/ 8GB GDDR5X VRAM i76700hq 6th-gen Intel quad-core processor 17.3-inch touchscreen, 3840x2160-pixel resolution with G-Sync Worlds First low profile Razer Chroma enabled mechanical keyboard VR-ready 512GB, 1TB or 2TB of PCIe solid state storage in RAID-0 32GB of memory 16.7 by 0.9 by 11 inches (427 by 23 by 281mm) Aluminium chassis 7.8 pounds (3.5kg) 99Wh battery (the largest you can legally take on a plane) Ports: 1x USB Type-C / Thunderbolt 3, 1x 3.5mm headset jack, 3xUSB, 1xHDMI SD card that makes your sd card sit FLUSH!! twitter: www.twitter.com/shoutoutjt instagram: www.instagram.com/shoutout.jt / www.instagram.com/flipmediaprod
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Juyen Sebulba - SUPERJAM
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CAR HITS AFTERS ICE CREAM!?! (shot with sony a7sii)
Part 2 of our trip to LA! Thank god we were able to visit Afters before a car drove into it yesterday night on 4-14-16. Subscribe for more videos! \\\ Follow me for more updates /// www.instagram.com/sashimipapi www.twitter.com/sashimipapii www.facebook.com/johnnyyflyy \\\ Music (no copyright intended) /// https://soundcloud.com/psykonillicit/tease https://soundcloud.com/hebinomichi/ahh-ooh-indigo-child https://soundcloud.com/grimelabinc/madvill https://soundcloud.com/phoenix_2772/l-a-cruisin-ft-le-real https://soundcloud.com/goldenlivingroom/select-golden-living-room-live-edit https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette/gylzey-repercussions-1 https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette/dear-lola-thomas-white-brand-new-1 https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette/lege-kale-greatest-1 https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette/tapecut-x-airvei-fade https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette/luminate-vast shot with a sony a7sii w/ 28-70mm
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Snapsports Timelapse 4k (shot on sony a7sii)
Snapsports Timelapse 4k (shot on sony a7sii)
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Razer Blade Pro GTA V sunset blvd gameplay footage with MSI afterburner on
no overclock on the RBP based on settings in linked webpage with FXAA turned off http://techgage.com/article/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-overclocking-best-playable-settings-at-4k-ultra-wide/
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Kanye West dancing in air yeezy 2 at Watch the Throne Dallas
Watch the throne dallas
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TEASR Ep. 01 - DALLAS! Bowls & Tacos in Deep Ellum
hey guys! Stopped by Bowls & Tacos in deep ellum for a test run of a project I'm working on. Check it out & share! Tag your friends who love poke and tacos! If you guys have any suggestions on places you'd like my to visit leave a comment below! music \\ https://soundcloud.com/jafunkofficial/jafunk-this-thing-1 https://soundcloud.com/flirtini/iamnobodi-say-that-again
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Razer Blade Pro GTA V with MSI afterburner on
Settings Shown in video, seems to have improved on the last video i did, not really sure if throttlestop + bdprochot helped. but games seem to run alot smoother...tried different programs to unpark cpu. most settings are maxed out and you can see how good the game looks when you tinker with the settings, no need to run 1080p.
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Ultimate Hoops 1-19 DAC
Ultimate Hoops 1-19 DAC
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Darbear - My City SNEAK PREVIEW
Darbear - My City Sneak Preview, Coming SOON. Rapping About playing basketball. Pronounced Dare-Bear, This Young 10 Year old Prodigy Is coming up lolol ! Also Plays BASKETBALL and loves to dance! llolololololo 10 year old Spitting Some Rhymes! LYRICS : My city trick my my city trick 10 20 50 baskets on ya tushy trick hundred shots no misses mvp list Young d you don't know who you messin with Http://www.twitter.com/johnnyyflyy
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Flying over Dallas, TX in 4k (Sony a7sii 24-70GM)
Shot on Sony a7sii in 4k with 24-70 f2.8 GM on a flight over Dallas TX on Southwest Airlines
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Knowgood Flag Football
Flag Football (DFW/Mckinney)
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Ultimate Hoops Dallas 2016 Trailer
Ultimate Hoops Dallas 2016 Trailer
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Feiyu tech G4 3-Axis Gimbal Unboxing Review & Test Footage
Sorry for the first part of the video something happened and it came out weird! I decided to keep the footage because I wanted to show you guys a natural and genuine reaction for my unboxing! This is my review of the Feiyutech G4 3 Axis Gimbal that retails at $349. I highly recommend this to anyone who films with a gopro and wants to get movie like videos using the gimbal! Special thanks to Feiyu-Tech for allowing me to order one of the first G4s! Be sure to check out their website at http://www.feiyu-tech.com/G4-en.php filmed with a Gopro Hero 4 Black Edition in 4k and 2.7k Event is Lights all night in Dallas. Thanks for watching!
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I WON! Adidas Yeezy 350 v2 Copper Unboxing
Back today with the new adidas yeezy 350 v2 in copper colorway for you guys. if you guys have any questions or wanna see anything else feel free to comment below and let me know! www.twitter.com/shoutoutjt www.instagram.com/shoutout.jt song: hedo - bbhmm filmed with a sony a7rii with a 24-70 f2.8 GM
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Fight at Bar in Dallas TX
Fight at Bar in Dallas TX guy breaks table.
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plano ball #2 (shot with sony a7sii 120FPS)
plano ball #2 (shot with sony a7sii 120FPS) no copyright intended
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I HAVE DRAGONS BREATH!! (shot with a sony a7sii)
Watch as I head back to LA for the second time in a month! Woohoo! MOAR FOOD!! (Shot with a Sony A7SII w/ 24-70 f2.8 GM.) Subscribe for more videos! \\\ Restaurants/food places /// Republique (dry aged beef burger) Portola (coffee) Anqi (ahi tuna tacos) half & half (boba) Chellos creamery (Thai rolled ice cream) Sup Noodle bar (pho) Chocolate Chair (dragons breath; cereal balls) Kappo Honda (sushi / yakitori) \\\ Follow me for more updates /// www.instagram.com/shoutout.jt www.twitter.com/shoutoutjt www.facebook.com/johnnyyflyy \\\ Music (no copyright intended) /// https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette/dfnse-castles-souletiquette-premiere https://soundcloud.com/cygn-artist/city-of-light https://soundcloud.com/assortedflavors/craneuhm-jerrycurls https://soundcloud.com/jengibeats/lovetofeel
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BALL IS LIFE? PLANO HOOPIN! (VLOG #2) (shot with Sony a7sii)
shot with sony a7sii in 4k
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Cute baby tries to kick a balloon and hits head
Cute baby tries to kick a balloon and hits head
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Black friday Target Shopping!
We run into the dilemma of black or blue..comment below to let us know!
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SXSW Guitar Tapping in 4k (shot with a sony a7sii)
Amazing Guitarist taps a bruno mars song! no post processing!
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Tomorrowworld - An unforgettable experience   (2014)
First time at Tomorrowworld! An experience I will never forget! song is Dan Farber - Lighthouse no copyright intended. follow me - www.instagram.com/johnnyyflyy www.twitter.com/johnnyyflyy www.soundcloud.com/sushij
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LTF Night Ballin ! (shot with a sony a7sii )
LTF Night Ballin ! (shot with a sony a7sii ) 28-70mm 3.5-5.6 lens 1080P 60fps no copyright intended
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Air Jordan XI 72-10 Quick Release Day Unboxing
Air Jordan XI 72-10 Release Day Unboxing! subscribe for more quick unboxing videos!
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GUNS SOJU & TACOS (shot with a7sii)
Part 1 of my quick trip to SOCAL! So much to do in so little time! (Shot with a Sony A7SII w/ 28-70mm.) Subscribe for more videos! \\\ Follow me for more updates /// www.instagram.com/sashimipapi www.twitter.com/sashimipapii www.facebook.com/johnnyyflyy \\\ Music (no copyright intended) /// https://soundcloud.com/zoom-lens/ulzzang-pistol-x-similar-objects-ilalim-ng-buwan-under-the-moonlight-1 https://soundcloud.com/souletiquette/coubo-alien-party https://soundcloud.com/seaside-and-the-crusader/la-jolla https://soundcloud.com/bengfang/bengfang-honey https://soundcloud.com/kodakcameo/jioc5zfj4izd https://soundcloud.com/lovelessrecords/weirddough-thai-tea https://soundcloud.com/young-triforce-cat-baron/2morrow https://soundcloud.com/gbeats/sometimes
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Snowboarding Lake Tahoe 1/26/2013
Shot 100% with Gopro Hero 3 BLACK edition. Heavenly Ski Resort. Edited in Adobe premiere CS6. Song used is Foxes - Youth (Adventure Club Remix). No copyright intended. I'm the one in the red pants.
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Sh*t Eminem Says
Made in 4 hours with Windows Movie Maker! not everyone is going to like it, but do remember, its not professionally made. none of us really have any experience yet Follow me on twitter! : http://www.twitter.com/johnnyyflyy tumblr: http://www.tumblr.com/johnnyyflyy facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=665575248 SUBSCRIBE! no copyright intended! specials thanks to ATHOMP! KG! and Eminem!
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Behind the Scenes - Track tuned 475+HP BMW M3 (shot with a sony a7rii on a Beholder EC1 Gimbal)
Behind the Scenes video for Track tuned BMW M3 (shot with a sony a7rii on a Beholder EC1 Gimbal) music // umpire - gravity
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Baby girls don't like uncles
My baby cousin Vy! and not her other ugly name :) ignore my baby noises
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Snowboarding (recorded with Gopro Hero 3 Black Edition)
Shot 100% with Gopro Hero 3 BLACK edition. . Edited in Adobe premiere CS6. Song used is Mayhem & AntiSerum - BayTL Dub. No copyright intended.
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Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Grey/Gum Glow in the Dark quick look in 4k
Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Grey/Gum Glow in the Dark look in 4k shot with a sony a7sii.
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SEE THE CITY: New york city (VLOG #1)
Old video i never got around to finishing, but this was from my trip to NYC last April! enjoy and subscribe to see more future videos coming soon :) not really a vlog since i didnt do any talking but enjoy! edited last may but never got around to finishing it.
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Sony 24-70 f2.8 G Master Lens sample footage on a Sony A7sii(4k)
Sony 24-70 f2.8 G Master Lens sample footage on a Sony A7sii
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After about a year I return back to california for another awesome trip! music \\ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkNeIUgNPQ8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6jK2t3lcRs
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