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Star Wars (clones) || Soldier
Hey Guys if you saw my last video on doing Star Wars and clones it was shit in so many ways and rushed! I didn’t rush this time and put my time in it. I used the song Soldier by Fleurie “Great song” So I hope you guys Enjoy this Video and stay tuned for more😝👌🏻🔥
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Hulk || Monster
Hey Guys the last of he 4 main Avengers, Hulk!! So the best of Hulk as I made I hope you like it and I used the song Monster by Imagine Dragons so I think it’s pretty cool🙃👌🏻🔥
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Captain America || Broken Crown
Hey Guys this is a video I made to represent how much Steve Rogers is a boss! I hope you like it! The song is Broken Crown by Mumford and sons I thought this song would be great for this video!
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Black Panther || Warriors
Hey guys! Another Marvel one I have made, as Black Panther, I used the song Warriors by Imagine Dragons. In this one i experiment the ways to add and put voice and sound over the music, there was a few glitches but sadly they happen! I will create some more videos for you guys! 😀👍🏻🔥
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Thor || Thunder
Hey guys this is another best of video I made and I have put my favourite scenes from Thor and combined them and the song is Thunder by Imagine Dragons I hope you like it😝❤️😝
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Anakin || let you down
Hey guys, yet another Star Wars one I have made of Obi wan and Anakin. The song I used was let you down by NF I hope you guys like it and stay tuned 😀✌🏻
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Assassins Creed || Glitter and Gold
Hey guys another fantastic video I made yet again. This is my favourite from the games Assassins Creed put together as a compilation. I have used the song Glitter and Gold hope you like it 😝❤️🔥
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