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The Joker vs Chucky who's Homicidal Laugh is Best?
Who's got the best homicidal laugh between these two psycho killers? The Joker prince of crime and Chucky aka Charles Lee Ray aka the Lakeshore strangler laugh battle! Note* Jerome was declared not the Joker as everyone was made to believe, the series creators of Gotham deliberately bait and switched by creating a character that supposedly inspired the joker (lame) by making an exact replica of a Joker to tease us. In reality, that character is exactly the Joker in every aspect, laugh and mental state.
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Body Painting Art - Bikini on brunette
How a body painted bikini gets made - fast lapse
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Nude Body Paint Art - Blonde Angel Jean Shorts
Check out the art of body paint into realistic looking clothing and bikinis
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Bikini Nude Body Art Paint
How a bikini is painted on a nude blonde woman with textured designs. Body Art.
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Street Amateurs Challenge Trained and Pro Fighters
What happens when an unskilled noob challenges a professional or trained fighter? Compilation
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Little Girl Cries for Her Turkey - Birth of a Vegan
Little blonde girl is upset the Turkey is dead for thanksgiving and cries not to eat it. Innocently she weeps for the Turkey, quite adorable!
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Feminist Food - Strong Amazonian Woman 6.9 feet tall XL Model
A rarely large woman turned to plus size modeling. From insecure to proud. This woman grew to be 6.9 feet tall, in school they used to call her Godzilla.
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Asian nude body paint art
Chinese art painting on a nude asian woman.
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Brutal Fight Ending Leg Kicks  TKO
Devastating low kicks and TKO highlights! Kicking hacks for technical knockouts.
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How to install an M.2 SSD Hard Drive in an Alienware R4 17 Gaming Laptop
Showing how to easily install an SDD sata hard drive into your Dell Alienware Gaming Laptop R4 17. I replaced the San Disk x400 with a Crucial MX500 and cloned the disk to replace where my Operating System was being booted from.
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Michael Jackson Cats
Cats who are fans of MJ showing off their dance moves.
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Hitler's reaction to New Ghostbusters Trailer 2016
The Fuhrer is not happy with the new Ghostbusters movie.
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Pups interrupt wolf momma's me time
A mother wolf gets her personal space invaded by a couple of annoying pups. (By Wolf Conservation Center)
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Women in Martial Arts vs Men and Win
These tough women use their skills in martial arts to compete with even bigger men.
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Mission Impossible Cat
This fat cat is on a mission.
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Young Pros vs Grandmas Smoking Weed For the First Time
Young Hot Pros showing off their smoking skills, compared to these three grandmas who had never smoked pot until now.
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Fitness 22 Minute AB Workout
Complete session, 22 minutes of abs fitness
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Teach you cat to use the toilet
Training cats to use the bathroom toilet
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10 Classic Bad Ass Movie Scenes You Forgot About!
Got any suggestions for movie scenes considered bad ass but everyone forgot about? Leave a comment!
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DC vs Marvel - Batgirl Black Widow Red Head Battle
Which of these two hot bad ass sexy red heads reigns as the supreme carrot top of heroines in the comic book universe. Who will win?
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Hollyweed sign prankster
After California passed the "weed" law a prankster decided to change the Hollywood sign to match the states pass.
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Drunk guy gets sucker punched for acting tough
Some punk homos try to start a fight, then some guy walks by when he suddenly sucker punches unsuspecting douche bag.
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Guy gets knocked out and then kicked outside of club
a guy gets knocked out over a dispute about a ratchet hoe.
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Frozen Cat is rescued
This poor kitty got his legs frozen trying to survive outdoors.
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You're going to laugh no matter how hard you try
You won't be able to keep a straight face, guaranteed.
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Funny Dogs 2016 HD
Ultimate Funny dogs compilation, 2016 edition. A special pet vine collection of hilarious new clips.
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150 Celebrity Before and After Photos
Can you recognize your favorite celebrities from their childhoods or post ops? 150 of the most popular celebrities before and after they beacame famous.
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3 Reasons Why Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Sucks
This game should be re-franchised to Call of Duty Infinite Disappointment.
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Top Funny Fails of 2016
Ultimate funny fails of November 2016 compilation
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Titanfall 2  Funny Clip Titan Falls On And Crushes Enemy Titan
The timing of this is hysterical
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Derpy Raccoon Pimp chases after two prostitutes
These two prostitutes were seen running away from a raccoon at 2 am, they must have owed him money.
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Titanfall 2 Unstoppable Killstreak Quintuple kill
Titanfall 2 footage
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2 guys make fun of homeless man
Two guys bet a homeless man he can't do 100 push ups for $50, if he can't do the push up challenge he will have to clean their shoes
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The Perfect Explosion
Timing is everything when you want to dismember some mutants.
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Wild Male Lions Attack Buffalo a Few Feet From Tourist!
A wild pack of male lions attack and kill a buffalo a few feet from tourist!
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Overwatch Funny and Awesome moments Arcade Edition!
For all Overwatch fans, this is some gameplay of some epic and hilarious moments.
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From Fat to Fit inspiration FAM fail
This is PROOF anyone can do something about it. The Fat Acceptance Movement is a garbage example of an excuse to stay fat and unhealthy. It is a toxic failure and must be shown for what it really is. THERE IS NO EXCUSE, if you don't do anything about your unhealthy weight, don't expect others to ignore it.
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Cat spooked by psycho killer!
Mid day nap interrupted by Bates Motel psycho killer.
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All The Times Trump Lied to You
Donald Trump liar pants on fire, demonstrates how two-faced, inconsistent, manipulative, inexperienced, fake, ill-prepared and unfit he is at running the country, caught in all his lies. Watch how he lies time and time again....
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The Joker Mountain Bike Helmet
Joker's mountain bike helmet in action
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Skateboard Cat vine
Funny cat vine 2016
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Retarded French Blonde eating Cajun for the first time
A stupid French girl attempting to eat corn and failing. Sandrine really does not know how to even eat corn, don't they have corn in France?
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