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Bazzi Performs Acoustic Version of "Mine"
Born and raised in Canton, MI we are proud to have him on the Mojo in the Morning show. He is without a doubt the next big artist and is currently touring the country with Camila Cabello. He has had stars like Taylor Swift to even Diddy showing support for his music.
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Truth or Dare with T.I. (Prison Questions) - Mojo in the Morning
By: ‪http://www.mojointhemorning.com‬ Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/MojoInTheMorning‬ Twitter: @MojoInTheMorn Listen to the entire interview here: http://www.mojointhemorning.com/pages/interviews.html?feed=459806&article=10333282
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Shannon Opens Up To Our Listeners
The past 15 months of my life have been really, really challenging. I've struggled with my purpose, my identity, my roles as a friend, sister and mom, and my marriage. I've had the lowest lows EVER. Coming to work has been really tough on certain occasions. But I've taken the opportunity to really grow and try to figure out who in the heck I am. I've felt so inauthentic on the air lately because of this, and I'm so sick of "faking fine." I think there are A LOT of people who are doing the same, and I guess I want to be the one to tell them they're not alone. To do so in a way of keeping my own privacy, but also being transparent enough to say, "Look, I'm going through some stuff and I want you to know that if you're questioning your worth as a parent, daughter, son, significant other, in your career, in your group of friends, WHATEVER ... I am, too. I may look and sound like I have it all together, but I don't." I've been keeping this journal and filling it with quotes and pages of books and all sorts of stuff that's super positive and uplifting. - Shannon
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Alessia Cara Joins Mojo For Alessia Carapool Karaoke
Alessia Cara visited her favorite morning show in Detroit, Mojo in the Morning on Channel 955 Thursday, October 6, 2016. Mojo drove her around in their Dodge Challenger Hellcat they are giving away on the air and did an Alessia Carapool Karaoke.
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Soldier Surprise   Mojo In The Morning   Channel 955
Mojo In The Morning surprised one soldiers family with his return home during an Halloween safety assembly at a local school. By: ‪http://www.mojointhemorning.com‬ Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/MojoInTheMorning‬ Twitter: @MojoInTheMorn
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War of the Roses  Pt 1 (Wife's Mystery Man)
Wife's Mystery Man
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War of the Roses Pt 1 (He Took Trip With Her Best Friend)
He Took Trip With Her Best Friend
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Kris Saves Ally’s Life And Gets Asked To Prom
Ally's boyfriend Kris works at a fire department and was in for a surprise with this promposal. We dressed Ally up in all the firefighter gear and put a mask on her so he wouldn't recognize her. We had him pull her out in training and she asked the big question.
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - Nichole & Cody Take Custody Over Step-Siblings
Nichole lost her dad and with support from her boyfriend Cody, they stepped up and took her younger siblings into their home, keeping them out of the foster system. Instead of running away, Cody asked her to marry him... So we gave them a FREE WEDDING! 💍
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Breaking and Entering - Chloe's Wish
See Chloe, our first Breaking and Entering recipient of the year, and her interview with Selena Gomez!
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Rebecca Rosen
Rebecca Rosen visited us today to do some live readings. Here are just a few moments we captured from her visit.
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Alessia Cara Plays The Throwback Throwdown
Alessia Cara joined the Mojo in the Morning show to play a special edition of our Throwback Throwdown. Let's see how well she knows her throwback music.
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War of the Roses Pt 1 (Kalisha's Pissed)
War of the Roses Pt 1 (Kalisha's Pissed)
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Detroit School Covers "Happy" by Pharell
Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences' Choir covers "Happy" by Pharell Williams for Mojo in the Morning.
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Mojo in the Morning Interviews Ed Sheeran (+ Rapping Cardi B)
We had the honor of interviewing Ed Sheeran at Little Caesars Arena on Wednesday, September 27.
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Teen Mom OG's Tyler & Catelynn Going To Stay Together?
We found out the life of a reality star is not easy after talking with Tyler Baltierra from MTV's Teen Mom OG. He opened up about the struggles he faced and how he overcame them. All the talk recently has been about his "split" with his pregnant wife Catelynn. We asked our listeners what we they were interested in us asking Tyler while we had him in studio and everyone wanted to know what the future holds in his relationship. He told us they are on a 30-day break and they will re-evaluate after that.
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War of the Roses  Pt 1 (STD)
War of the Roses Pt 1 (STD)
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Shannon Jumps Off Of The Stratosphere
Shannon Jumps!
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - Cheryl Adopted 13 Foster Children
Cheryl adopted 13 foster children and is now battling breast cancer. She is such an amazing woman. Merry Christmas to her beautiful family.
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - Mr. Seaver
The best snow day ever! Mojo’s Breaking and Entering Christmas wish surprised a special ed teacher at Whitmore Lake who is battling cancer... but he is not alone during this fight! ❤️ We all love you Mr. Patrick Seaver!
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - Jennifer Battling MS
Jennifer may be battling MS, but she is not alone. Her 17-year-old son Christian is taking care of the family. He decided to finish high school from home to take care of his mom along with working 2 jobs and taking care of his little brother Logan. He helps her in the shower. He does her hair when she asks!
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - Amber Lost Husband To Cancer Last Week
You can just tell how amazing of a father Kevin truly was. He passed away from Colon Cancer last week and leaves behind his beautiful wife Amber along with their three children: Ruby (10), Logan (8) & Adam (6). The family knew Kevin was in his final days when we first spoke to their aunt and we were hoping to deliver this Breaking and Entering Christmas Wish before Kevin passed away so he can celebrate one last holiday, but unfortunately his time came too soon. Merry Christmas to this amazing, loving family!
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas  - Amanda Loses Fiancé
Amanada and her 1-year-old daughter Molly were the recipients of Mojo's first Breaking and Entering Christmas wish of 2017. In June, they finally moved into a beautiful place, but in August Amanda lost her fiancé in an electrical accident at a side job he was doing for his Church. We have heard nothing but amazing comments of how great of a man Eric was.
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War of the Roses Pt 1 (Co Worker 3 Way)
War of the Roses Pt 1 (Co Worker 3 Way)
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Taylor Swift Wish
Mojo and the show give two girls a gift of a lifetime when they get to meet Taylor Swift!
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - Torrin Battling stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer
Surprised Torrin at Children's Hospital of Michigan. Last year he grew his hair out to donate to kids with cancer. Shortly after donating his hair, he was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer. We brought in gifts for his whole floor because he’s always been such a giving person. Help him reach his goal of $40,000 by donating to his Go Fund Me below. https://www.gofundme.com/support-torrin
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Breaking and Entering - Lacie
We just surprised Lacie this morning who works at the Leo's Coney Island in Saline. She had to see the most tragic event anyone could EVER see. Her 18 month baby, Chad, ran out on the street and was hit by a moving vehicle and passed away. She is so deserving.
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War of the Roses  Pt 1 (3-Way w/ Ex)
3-Way w/ Ex Pt 1
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Backstage with Olly Murs (Mojo in the Morning)
By: http://www.mojointhemorning.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MojoInTheMorning Twitter: @MojoInTheMorn More photos & podcasts at the Detroit Fox Theatre concert here: http://www.mojointhemorning.com/pages/show_archive.html?feed=184218&article=10172161
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Bazzi Performs "Mine," Talks Taylor Swift, Touring with Camila Cabello & Childhood Memories
20-year-old Bazzi is living his best life. He is currently on tour with Camila Cabello and stopped by to perform for the morning show he grew up listening to, Mojo in the Morning in Detroit and on iHeartRadio. Born and raised in Canton, MI we are excited to see Bazzi grow. Welcome home!
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Breaking and Entering - Cherie & The Detroit Red Wings
Cherie was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The Detroit Red Wings​ have been her one escape from long, unsuccessful chemo treatments. So we had a limo to take the family to watch practice and even meet the Red Wings and receive our Christmas wish.
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"Gangnam Style Detroit" Mojo in the Morning & Channel 955
Thank you to all of our Detroit listeners for sending us your videos to make this possible. By: ‪http://www.mojointhemorning.com‬ By: ‪http://www.channel955.com‬ Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/MojoInTheMorning‬ Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/Channel955‬ Twitter: @MojoInTheMorn Twitter: @Channel955
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - The Johnson Family
Officer Johnson is a Detroit Police officer and he was shot in the head in April. He is still in the hospital. We broke in and brought Christmas with the help of their family and brothers & sisters and blue 💙 Special thanks to the West Bloomfield Police Foundation for helping us out!
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TWO Chuck E Cheese scare the crap out of Shannon!
By: ‪http://www.mojointhemorning.com‬ Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/MojoInTheMorning‬ Twitter: @MojoInTheMorn Shannon is forced to face her fear of mascots, particularly, Chuck E Cheese on Mojo in the Morning's Face Your Fears Week. More here: http://www.mojointhemorning.com/pages/show_archive.html?feed=184218&article=10456693
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War of the Roses  Pt 1 (Cheated Before College)
War of the Roses Pt 1 (Cheated Before College)
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Intern Jack Black Goes Through Hush Haunted Attraction
Intern Jack Black successfully made it through Hush Haunted Attraction.
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War of the Roses  Pt 3 (Kicked Out Of House)
War of the Roses Pt 3 (Kicked Out Of House)
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2nd Date Update (She Has B.O)
2nd Date Update (She Has B.O)
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In Studio Proposal
See More Videos Like This At: Http://www.mojointhemorning.com
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas -Brandon, Father of 6, Loses Wife
We just want Brandon to know that we are in this with him. He is not alone after losing his wife a few weeks ago, because he has the whole community behind him. We surprised him and his 6 children this morning.
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Mojo's Breaking and Entering Christmas - Firefighter Loses House To Fire
Merry Christmas to Heather, Matthew, Natalie & Nathan. They lost their house to a fire just before Thanksgiving. As a St. Clair Shores firefighter, Matthew never thought he would be responding to a call for his own home.‬ We surprised them at the hotel they are currently staying at.
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War of the Roses Pt 2 (Co Worker 3 Way)
War of the Roses Pt 2 (Co Worker 3 Way)
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Breaking & Entering Christmas Finale North Pole Flyaway
Mojo in the Morning's Christmas
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Breaking and Entering Christmas: DIA
We visited the Detroit International Academy to drop off gifts for a very special group of young girls.
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Andre Drummond vs. Slim
Detroit Pistons all star, Andre Drummond goes up against our very own Slim from Mojo in the Morning in a game of M.O.J.O. (aka H.O.R.S.E.).
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War of the Roses  Pt 1 (Counseling Co-Worker)
Counseling Co-Worker
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Mojo's Son Is The New Night Guy On 955
So proud of my son Joe, the new night guy on Channel 955 starting May 24, 2017. I will never forget the days you would come with me to work and asked a million questions. I love you! Listen to him weeknights from 7p to Midnight.
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2nd Date Update (Wrong Girl)
2nd Date Update (Wrong Girl)
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Phone Scam Mojo Gets Scammed
Spike & the gang FINALLY scam Mojo while he was on vacation.
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