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I Built a Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils
I build an electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster, out of 1200 colored pencils. Please subscribe if you'd like to see more! Song I played at the end is a small section of a version of "To God Be The Glory" that Mateus Asato plays, he calls "My Tribute". He is one of my biggest inspirations in terms of playing style. Business inquiries: [email protected] Music (third song in order) by Rogue: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg97yEAjDdLNFNEBjoHUqtA
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I Built The World's Lightest Guitar Out of Styrofoam
I build a Telecaster shaped guitar body out of insulation foam and see how it compares to two other Telecaster bodies. I'm currently in the middle of a more complex build, but took a few days break to try this out. It's an experiment I've been wanting to try for a while.
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I Built a Guitar Out of 8 Mega Jawbreaker Candies
I attempt to build a Flying V shaped guitar out of 8 Mega Jawbreaker Candies. The riffs at the end aren't from actual songs, just made up.
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I Built Another Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils
I build a telecaster style guitar out of 1200 more colored pencils. Business inquiries: [email protected] NOTE: For anyone inquiring about commissions or buying a guitar.. I don't currently have the resources or time to build enough to sell. These things take a long time to build. I'm building these as art, but I appreciate the interest!
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I Built an Epoxy Resin River Guitar
I built a custom shaped epoxy resin river guitar out of a quilted maple slab.
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I Built a Snowboard (almost) Completely out of Ducttape
This was pretty stupid, but hey
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