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Papercraft Enderman Diy Tutorial From Scratch
Hi! I know I took a while to post this but I finally did :D This is a newer version than my original enderman for my profile pic because he was all out of proportion when I made him. Any more papercraft tutorials you want please ask. It does not have to minecraft related at all and I would like to try out any suggestions :) Some of my builds in the past have included a church, boat, and a small castle. Unfortunately i gave these away and haven't got any pictures for you at the time. This video was filmed in my basement because it serves as a reliably quite place to work despite it not being so pleasing to the eye. Hope you enjoy/enjoyed the video! :)
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Minecraft Papercraft Pig Do It Yourself Tutorial
How to make a minecraft pig Materials : Graph paper , glue (no glue sticks!!!!) , scissors or x-acto knife , toothpicks , colored pencils , a cutting mat (only if you are using the x-acto knife) , you , this video , patience Sorry if there is any lagg or dis
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Minecraft Hardcore LP #02 💎Diamonds!💎
Welcome to my 2nd let's play :D Thanks a bunch for watching. Hope you enjoyed :) I'm thinking of doing other modded minecraft things and maybe joining a SMP server, what do you think? Also you can expect the steve diy tutorial to be out in under a week or so. I'm rather slow at editing as you can probably tell.
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🌳 MineCraft Hardcore LP #01 🌲
Hello Everyone :D Welcome to my first let's play series. Thank You for watching. :D :D Btw if you are wondering I did make the intro from scratch in the beginning. Any suggestions for things like new mods to try out and game servers mention away (also other stuff too like other games and not LP material :p)
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✏️ Physics Animatic Using FlipaClip 🖊
Video project that I made using flipaclip for my AP Physics 1 class during the 2017-2018 school year.
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