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How to Pack for a Day Hike
[CHANGE VIEWING SETTINGS TO 1080p/720p] What to pack for a day hike or bush walk. It only takes a little bit of planning, yet it can make your day so much more enjoyable and safe. http://lotsafreshair.com for more tips! http://lotsafreshair.com/2014/04/14/what-to-pack-fo-a-day-hike/
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HOW TO PACK A BACKPACK - Overnight Bushwalk/Hike
We all want to be able to hike long and far and one of the keys to this is learning what and how to pack - in a way that works for you! It's all about taking the right things and packing them in a smart way. All packed into a 12kg weight, with a 55litre backpack capacity. http://lotsafreshair.com
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Clothes for Hiking
An explanation about layering techniques and principles for clothing in a hiking and wilderness environment.
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Basic Food for Bushwalking / Hiking
Ever wondered how to get started with food for the great outdoors? Here's some tips and tricks to help you kick off and enjoy food in the wilderness. http://lotsafreshair.com
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How to Adjust a Backpack
Comfort on the track is all about having the right pack and adjusting it correctly. Here's some quick tips to ensure you've adjusted it for your frame. Visit the blog http://lotsafreshair.com for loads more tips and adventures.
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How to deal with periods on a hike
One of those things you wish someone told you, is how us women can deal with having periods on a hike, especially an extended or overnight trip. Visit http://lotsafreshair.com for more details and loads more tips and tricks.
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How to Waterproof your Sleeping Bag
Here's a little tip on how to waterproof your sleeping bag. The only other thing in my pack that needs to be dry is my clothes and sleeping mat. These can just go in a small drysil bag. Everything else... doesn't matter if it gets wet (eg. food is in ziploc bags, first aid kit is in plastic containers, etc). Obviously, if I'm going canyoning and going to be swimming with my pack or doing a pack-float, I'll use an all in one liner bag. This will help with floatation as it will hold more air. Checkout the blog for heaps more tips! www.lotsafreshair.com
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Pats Backcountry Beer Road Test
I got to test out making beer in the bush before it was launched in Australia. I've often thought how great it would be to have a nice cold beer in camp, after a long, hard day's bushwalking/hiking. Well, according to the makers of Pats Backcountry Beverages... this is now possible. Check out: http://lotsafreshair.com for full roadtest and review.
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Adventures with Altitude Sickness
I did the Huayhuash circuit in Peru in 2012. This was the highest altitude I've ever been to in my life (5000m). I live at sea level in Australia, where our highest mountain is only 2228m. This was the first time in my life I've felt the affects of having less oxygen, especially whilst exercising. Basically, I felt pretty crap - most of the time, with one particular day when I really just wanted to stop, sleep, be left behind - recognised by some as the symptom called, 'the *uck it factor'. You just can't be arsed to do anything and want to be left alone in your own personal little world of pain.
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Macpac Sololight Tent
In 2014 Macpac released their new 1 person, lighterweight tent offering. It's proved so popular that it's sold out. However, I got my hands on one over Christmas and put it through it's paces. I really like it! Make sure you visit http://lotsafreshair.com for the full gear review.
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PRODUCT REVIEW - Strive Food 24hr Ration Pack
If you want the easiest approach of all for organising your food for an overnight hike, then simply buy a 24hr Ration Pack. Check out http://lotsafreshair.com for the full review. Strive Food is an Australian business!
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How to find Latitude Longitude from Topographic Map
Generally speaking, when navigating from a map in Hiking, you use a topographic map and work from 8 digit Grid References. I generally use a 1:25,000 map where available. However, sometimes it may be necessary to use Latitude Longitude Co-ordinates, for example in an emergency you may need to quote this to rescue organisations. Here's how to read the Lat Long from a Toppo map. Subscribe to the blog at: http://lotsafreshair.com
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Stinson Wreck Hike
The story of the crash of the Stinson aircraft in Lamington National Park (SE QLD) and the rescue 11 days later of 2 survivors is the stuff of true heroes and legends. This year was the 80th anniversary and I was able to take part in the full 37km 'Walk in Bernard's Footsteps' from O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat, to the crash site. A wonderful experience.
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Jatbula Trail - Part 1
Day 1 & 2 of the 6 day, 65km Jatbula Trail in Northern Territory of Australia. From the short boat ride across the crocodile infested waters of the Katherine River, the beautiful Biddlecombe Cascades, to tasting Aboriginal bush foods with the Kakadu Plum on Day 2.
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How to treat drinking water
When you're out in the wilderness, having enough drinking water is essential to survival. But what's the easiest ways of treating drinking water, that are lightweight too? For the full story visit http://lotsafreshair.com
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Canyon Safety & Code of Ethics
Canyoning is such a great adventure, discovering new places, plunging into ancient ones. With some of our most popular canyons in the Blue Mts becoming busier, it's important that we all remember the basics about not only looking after ourselves, but also our canyons. http://lotsafreshair.com
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How to Find South with the Southern Cross
The iconic constellation in the Australian sky is the Southern Cross (aka Crux). It's on our flag and in our national anthem. It's been used for centuries by seafarers to navigate, this video shows you how easy it is to find south through the stars in southern hemisphere skies.
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How To Convert Easton Kilo 2P Tent to Fly Only
http://lotsafreshair.com. If you're wanting to keep things lightweight in your backpack, one of the ways is to make your shelter a fly-only or single skin tent. There are several good ones that you can buy that way, or make your own. I already own a 1 kilo tent, but I thought I could make it even lighter. It was pretty fiddly and took longer than I thought, but you might want to give this a go. WARNING: I snapped one of the poles trying to do this that needed to be replaced, so it's important that you get the distance between the two cross-over eyelets correct... otherwise it will snap!
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Bivvy Bag Gear Review - Macpac
Ever wondered what it's like to sleep outdoors in a bivvy bag? The Macpac Alpine Cocoon is a 530 gram (1.1lb) alternative to a tent and provides good protection for hiking adventures, or just a handy emergency shelter. http://macpac.com.au http://lotsafreshair.com
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Jatbula Trail - Part 2
The Jatbula Trail is a 65km, 6 day hike through traditional aboriginal lands of the Jaowyn peoples of the Northern Territory. Up in the Top end of Australia, this trail promises some of the best waterholes and campsites on any managed trail around.
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Shoalhaven Shenanigans - Day 1
A magic weekend spent on the Shoalhaven River in NSW. Great adventures, lots of silliness with rock jumping and wild swimming to cool down. Thanks to Sydney Bushwalkers Club. See http://lotsafreshair.com for lots more adventures.
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How to Wash a Down Jacket
I love my down jacket, but after putting off washing it for 2 yrs (it's not as gross as it sounds - I wash my base layers after every use!) I couldn't wait any longer. Here's how to do it! http://www.lotsafreshair.com
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Three Peaks Blue Mountains - The Lazy Way
The Three Peaks is a classic physical and mental challenge in the Blue Mountains of NSW. 90kms 5000m+/-. This bushwalk video is not that type of way of seeing Mt Guouogang, Mt Paralyser and Mt Cloudmaker. We tried to find the shortest and easiest route, over 3 days from Kanangra Road... I love my hiking, but I'm just not that hard-core!
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Mt Kosciuszko - Australia's Highest Mountain
[Change Settings to 1080p] A quick dash up Australia's highest peak in May, a week before Winter is due to begin Downunder. For the full story visit: http://lotsafreshair.com
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Larapinta Trail - Part 1
The Larapinta Trail is a 223km hiking trail that runs west from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. The quintessential Aussie outback hiking experience, it takes approx 15 days to complete the full length, through rugged, remote and picturesque country. I had the opportunity to do a 6 day highlights trip with Trek Larapinta and now I can't wait to go back and do the full end-to-end. http://lotsafreshair.com
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How to Light a Fire
If you're going to cook over a fire in the wilderness, it's good to learn how to build one that is easy to put out, control and ultimately - return the ground to how it looked before. Therefore, you'll find no 'fairy rings' of stones around my cooking fires! If you want to tread super lightly, you should probably opt for cooking on fuel stoves and of course, always check that there's not a total fire ban in place before using either a stove or starting a cooking fire.
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Walls of Jerusalem NP - Part 2
Day 3 of 6 was a big one in the Walls of Jerusalem NP Wilderness of Tasmania, Australia. Perfect weather and adventure, made for the day of the season. http://tasmanianexpeditions.com.au http://lotsafreshair.com
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Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk - Day 1
If you think that Australia's Gold Coast is all about glitzy sky scraper hotels, lining beaches, casinos and shopping... then I've got great news for you! The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk is a lush 3 day walk stretching 54kms from O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat in Lamington National Park to Springbrook National Park, via Binna Burra Rainforest Lodge. I hitted the track (courtesy of Gold Coast Tourism, O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat and BinnaBurra Lodge) with my good buddy Jen P Pen and fulfilled a dream for 2017 by doing more walks in QLD. I hope you like it too! http://lotsafreshair.com https://www.facebook.com/lotsafreshair/ https://www.instagram.com/lotsafreshair/ NATIONAL PARKS OFFICIAL WEBSITE https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/great-walks-gold-coast-hinterland/about.html O'REILLY'S RAINFOREST RETREAT https://oreillys.com.au/ BINNABURRA LODGE http://www.binnaburralodge.com.au/ GOLD COAST TOURISM https://www.destinationgoldcoast.com/
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Mt Paralyser - Blue Mountains / Kanangra Boyd
Sensational winter weather in August 2013 saw us set off from Kanangra Walls carpark to do a circuit. Kanangra Walls Rd - Stormbreaker - Thunder Bend - Paralyser - Mt Thurat f/t - Kanangra Walls Road. Thanks to Jim for catching us a lovely trout and for everyone being a wonderful walking party. For more info: http://www.lotsafreshair.com
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Making the Tough Decisions when Hiking
At some point in every Hikers life, we have to deal with injury. Hopefully, it won't happen on the track, but through over-use or wonky feet/hips/shoes, we can find ourselves having to make tough decisions to help with healing and to not put ourselves (and our walking friends) into danger. It's about not committing ourselves to something that we can't get out of. It's about making a tough decision before it's too late. On a recent walk to the Blue Mountains and Grose Valley near Sydney, I had to make this decision and say goodbye to my friends as they continued on their great hike. Get the full story at: Story: http://lotsafreshair.com/2013/06/24/the-point-of-no-return/ Blog: http://lotsafreshair.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LotsaFreshair
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Satellite Communications Device - Yellowbrick Roadtest
There's a few different options on the market for communications in wilderness areas. Here's a roadtest of the Yellowbrick two-way satellite communication device. For full outcomes and report go to: http://lotsafreshair.com
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Kanangra Boyd Wilderness - Easter 2013
A 3 day trip with Sydney Bush Walkers Club (www.sbw.org.au) to Kanangra Boyd Wilderness near Blue Mountains National Park. IMPORTANT NOTE: The locations shown in this video are accessible only to experienced hikers. You need a thorough understanding of map and compass navigation as much of it is 'off track' where route finding is essential. Sorry, but no details for specific locations will be provided for safety and conservation reasons... join a club ;-)
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Walls of Jerusalem - Part 1
An amazing adventure with Tasmanian Expeditions to the Walls of Jerusalem NP in Tasmania. Great weather, incredible sights and a pristine wilderness that allows you to truly get away from it all. Much less crowded than the Overland Track, with no huts for accommodation, so tents is the way to go. Incredible place to visit. Content sponsored by Tasmanian Expeditions. http://www.tasmanianexpeditions.com.au Visit the blog at: http://lotsafreshair.com and http://facebook.com/lotsafreshair for photos and tips.
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Kangaroo Island - 3 Days Hiking - Part 2
Thanks to Europcar, I was able to take a few friends down to Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, in April this year. It was a great mini-break and our challenge was to try and walk all the tourist bushwalking trails in the western part of the island, in 3 days. Watch to see how we did it! http://lotsafreshair.com
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LotsaFreshAir Teaser
If you love hiking and the outdoors, then this is the channel for you. A sneak peek at what you can expect inside the Lotsafreshair channel. http://lotsafreshair.com
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Macpac Tasman 45 - Gear Review
Pls set your settings to 1080P HD. Take a new Macpac Tasman 45 backpack, the scrub and rocky terrain of Morton National Park and a bunch of good mates... and you've got the recipe for a challenging testing ground. See http://lotsafreshair.com for the full review.
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Lindeman Pass - Blue Mountains National Park, Australia
[SET PLAYBACK SETTINGS TO 720P OR 1080P] Lindeman Pass is an historic walking route in the Blue Mts of NSW. It has a heartbreaking history of one man's dream in the early 1900's to link Wentworth Falls with Katoomba, that was thwarted at almost every turn. Never officially opened is unmanaged and now in complete disrepair. Only accessible to experienced navigators and route finders, hopefully this video will show others, just a little bit of the wonder that lies below the tourist tracks and cliff lines above. For full history, check out Jim Smith's book "The Lindeman Pass". http://lotsafreshair.com
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Gold Coast Great Walk - Day 2
Phew! What a day! Off to an early start after breakfast with koalas at Binnaburra Lodge. If you think that Australia's Gold Coast is all about glitzy sky scraper hotels, lining beaches, casinos and shopping... then I've got great news for you! The Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk is a lush 3 day walk stretching 54kms from O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat in Lamington National Park to Springbrook National Park, via Binna Burra Rainforest Lodge. I hitted the track (courtesy of Gold Coast Tourism, O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat and BinnaBurra Lodge) with my good buddy Jen P Pen and fulfilled a dream for 2017 by doing more walks in QLD. I hope you like it too! http://lotsafreshair.com https://www.facebook.com/lotsafreshair/ https://www.instagram.com/lotsafreshair/ NATIONAL PARKS OFFICIAL WEBSITE https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/gre... O'REILLY'S RAINFOREST RETREAT https://oreillys.com.au/ BINNABURRA LODGE http://www.binnaburralodge.com.au/ GOLD COAST TOURISM https://www.destinationgoldcoast.com/
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Tents as Tiny Houses
Just a bit of thinking around how I can take the principles of overnight or long distance hiking, into my everyday life. Keeping things simple, not owning so much 'stuff' and 'things' that clutter our lives. http://lotsafreshair.com
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Queenstown New Zealand - Tiki Trail
CHANGE SETTINGS TO 1080p! There's so much more to Queenstown than the usual tourist experiences. Don't rush through, take the time to checkout some of the local tracks and trails, all in walking distance from the centre of town. See http://lotsafreshair.com for loads more "Tips & Tricks from an Unexpected Outdoors Chick".
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Jatbula Trail - Part 3
The conclusion to the 65km, 6 day bushwalk and hike through the Nitmiluk National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia.
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Cycling the Confederation Trail - Prince Edward Island
Tucked into the eastern embrace of Canada, is Prince Edward Island. Home of Anne of Green Gables and sooo much more! If you love a good rail trail (like I do), you'll love the Confederation Trail. It forms Prince Edward Islands section of Canada's mighty 'Great Trail' and with so few hills, makes an easy and picturesque adventure in the Maritimes. http://lotsafreshair.com/ https://www.tourismpei.com/ https://www.tourismpei.com/pei-confederation-trail
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Lotsafreshair - How To Hiking Videos - Season 2 Trailer
A sneak peek at what's on offer in Series 2 of the Lotsafreshair How To Hiking series. From How To Pack for day hikes, Treating Drinking Water, How to Adjust a backpack and even dealing with Periods on hikes, Series 2 is created to encourage people (especially women) to get out into the great outdoors and pursue a life of adventure. http://lotsafreshair.com
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Shoalhaven Shenanigans Day 2
An amazing hiking adventure in Australian wilderness. Spending time off-track along the Shoalhaven River south of Sydney. Backpacking at it's best.... or Bushwalking as we call it in Australia.
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Snow Shoeing adventure Queenstown New Zealand
I wanted to prove that there's lots of other things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand in Winter, than just skiing or snowboarding. Especially for hikers and bushwalkers!... (that's trampers to the Kiwis!) http://lotsafreshair.com
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Larapinta Trail - Part 2
The journey along the Larapinta Trail (Larry Track) continues during my 6 day highlights trip with Trek Larapinta. See sunrise from Mt Sonder and some of the amazing terrain and views to be had. http://lotsafreshair.com Visit the blog for the full story!
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Hiking Off Trail & Exploring
When you have good experience in hiking and are a confident map and compass navigator, maybe it's time to think about stepping off the marked trails and exploring further afield. Think of it as the Road Less Travelled. http://lotsafreshair.com
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How to adjust a backpack for hills
One of the things that can keep us away from getting out hiking and backpacking, is the effort that is needed when walking up and down steep hills, especially on rough, undefined or off-track. Modern backpacks come with many straps, but many people don't know how to use them as they're designed to help us out in the bush.
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Plumpy Nut Road Test
How about 500 calories in a 92g bar? That's great bang for buck if you're having to carry all your hiking food for a week. Check out the taste test!
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Pantoneys Crown - March 2012
Day walk to ascend Pantoneys Crown in the Capertee Valley. Experienced walkers and rock scramblers/bouldering only.
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