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Take a Slice Meme
Hello. Thanks for reading. The reason why I deleted all of my videos is that I wanted to start fresh. Here's the story to this- Rudy (the white cat), used to be a kitty pet. Until his owner threw him out. He thought it was because they were cleaning the house but actually they didn't want him anymore so he thought that they were just using him as a puppet. Which means just for attention. So now he wants a dark revenge. So basically a cat that lost all of his sanity Yay. Sorry if it's short, I have a horrible head ache. Don't worry though I'll make longer videos in the future 😊 Frames- 327 Fps: 12 Time Taken: 4 hours (10:00 at night to 2:07 in the afternoon) Original/Inspiration- https://youtu.be/3H7_CPJz6N0
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Ahri (Gacha Life Edit)
(I'll add a description later)
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Akali (Gacha Life Edit)
Okay, now that I think about it, I'm obsessed with editing gacha life characters it's so fun Akali was by far the easiest one... Yay. Kai'Sa is next..
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.~*Evelynn*~. (Gacha Life Edit)
Hello, I wanted to give editing a try, so I did. (PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS MY FIRST TIME!) Please don't go hating, if you don't like it, just leave. I don't need your negativity here. Also, I prefer you to just flag spam or hating. I don't want to start drama. If you see a hate or spam, just flag it. Okay? Okay. Programs ♡Gacha Life ♡Background Eraser ♡Ibis Paint X ♡DU Recorder (to record it) ♡Action Director (to edit the video) Time taken 35-45 minutes Song: (Will put later) I do NOT own the music in any way!
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Willow Tree Meme
(I'll put a description later)
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