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.:Orb:. (Speedpaint for kittydog)
Song:https://youtu.be/KleUddM2IPw XD P.S. I hate how this turned out
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No Roots 1 WEEK MAP! Read Rules in Description!
Hello my fellow friends I finally got a new phone x3 So now I'm able to use flipaclip yaay!! Ok let's start x3 Note: Yes I am working on parts but since my flipaclip started over I have to start all over again I'm soooo sorry xD Rules!! 1. Yes I will be picky But don't be afraid to ask because I don't yell or be rude I'm nice I promise x33 2. You have to at least have 2 animations on your channel if you have none that tells me you don't know how to animate so you won't be in this map. 3. Since I LOVE this song no first come serve!! I want this map to turn out good!! 4. You have to at least have 1 year of animating experience. If you do ask for a part say how long you've been animating ((BE HONEST!! I won't yell! I'll just say "sorry but your not in" 5. If you comment for a part I WILL check your channel and see your channel and your art style and animations :3 6. NO WATERMARKS!!! The only watermark that is aloud is yours (make it smaller than the size of the flipaclip logo!!) 7. Don't beg or fight for parts if you do I'll just block both you if you fight and if you beg it is just you 8. You have one week like it says in the title extension is one more week if not done by then you'll get kicked sorry 9. You have to use the colours in the video. If not you have to remake it 10. No fandoms you have to use your ocs (undertale, warrior cats, fnaf, etc.) 11. Keep it PG!!! 1 E Henick 2 3 4 (mine) 5 6 Feffen 7 8 9 10
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(( canceled :(
hey everyone this map is canceled because a lot of people are dropping out for reasons that are not solid they'd say something like this "I gave up because i didnt like it anymore" didnt like what? seriously people.. this video will soon be deleted sorry!
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(Read desc)
Might be dead for a few days.. Few days ha-ha more like a few months Or even a year maybe Or even quit I don't like YouTube anymore when I started YouTube with an older channel called "Feisty :3" I found YouTube fun and made me less bored but today I realized it takes away your time with family and friends if you get to obsessed with it.. I also learned how dangerous it could be.. I also want to deal with real things in life not just the stupid internet..I'll be off on all of the internet but sketch and my switch This might be the end.. Of my channel this is a 50/50 chance This means • I will NOT respond to comments • I'll delete all of my videos except maps Well bye...
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Speedpaint for kitten cloudy :3
I hope she finds it :3
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Collab part thing..
It's for a Collab on amino xD it's ((crap I forgot what it was called)
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I'm sick
My map parts might take a month sorry... I hope the hosts of the maps I joined will I hope they understand
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Every time we touch meme
Lol (squid belongs to sailou)
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If you didn't know IM A GIRL
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Sneak Peak of Fallen Youth meme :3
Ayo.. sorry for being dead I keep forgetting to post xD but here is a sneak peak of my meme (and yes I changed my name)
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Be My Baby meme
Original: credits goes to whoever it is :) OCS used Black and blueish grey cat: Telia. She is grumpy and doesn't like other cats that bother her or talk to her Pink cat: Blossom. She is crazy and outgoing she is kinda shy if she meets new people but after like a day she will get used to whoever she meets Brown Cat: T.J he is friendly but very awkward he gets scared easily it takes him a little while for him to get used to new ones Well I know this isn't the original way it's like but I kinda wanted to be creative xD please don't come up with my idea. I want this to be unique. If you do I'll ask you to take it down ((Sorry for bad grammar.. please ignore it
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Im a little sad..
FlipaClip - Im a little sad..
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Replay from Geometry Dash!
Replay from Geometry Dash! https://everyplay.com/videos/49272980 Video recorded with Everyplay. Download Geometry Dash on the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id625334537
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Song does not belong to me in anyway Song~ Chainsmokers-Honest Time taken: 2 hours This didn't turn out good but its ok I guess Full picture: https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/f7750ede-fed7-4dcd-9193-e3debe938430 I added some more details and made it cleaner
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.:Unicorn Inkling:. (Speeddraw)
Unicorn inklings are a species I made here is some info about them They are really rare and hard to find and they don't live in city's they live in rare forests. They don't like city's and too much buildings so they have villages instead they like it peaceful. If a stranger comes over to explore (such as inklings from inkopolis) they get scared and run away
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Opinions Meme
Sorry for wrong timing I tried editing it but it wouldn't work eh.. My phone crashed exactly 47 times just to export this lol How many frames? 548 How long did it take? Three days How many fps? 13
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Fangirl Cringe #1
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I need a break!
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I'm back peoples
Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip
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How I edit pics
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geometry dash Thursdays #1!
Recorded by DU Recorder – Screen recorder for Android
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I'm aware this isn't the title of the song, but I like to give my MAPs custom names.. so if it bothers you, ya better get over it ;) Song: https://youtu.be/ydL96Ms_b1M Now onto the rules -ONCE YOU JOIN THIS MAP YOU CANNOT DROP OUT If you join this MAP please actually try.. don't just stop doing the part because "you don't want to do it" or you're just too lazy to do it. I want you to actually try and get it done ten seconds isn't hard at all.  So unless you have a SOLID reason to quit, just don't. (I want your animations to be AT LEAST 9 fpm I repeat  9 FPM) - DO NOT TRACE/COPY IN ANYWAY Please don't do this.. It won't only get you in trouble, you won't learn. Now I won't necessarily kick you out, but I will force you to redo the whole thing and if ya don't then your kicked - PLEASE NO MORE THAN ONE WATERMARK Okay.. I don't need to see 3 million watermarks all over your part 1 watermark is reasonable, as long as it won't cover the entire screen or be on top of your work - YOU HAVE 48 HOURS (2 DAYS) 2 days should be enough to finish your part.. and if you don't finish .. I will give you 24 more hours.. but if it isn't done by then, you will be kicked. I shouldn't see an excuse that isn't acceptable. (Say Lolli likes Dell Taco or just Taco, the say the part you want if you read the rules) Also, since there isn't that many parts, you can only have 1 part and please follow the color pallete it doesn't have to be exact, but make it as close as you can make it .-*PARTS*-. 1: OPEN 2: OPEN 3: OPEN 4: ( MINE) 5: OPEN 6: OPEN 7: OPEN 8:  OPEN 9: OPEN 10: OPEN 11: OPEN 12: OPEN 13: OPEN 14: OPEN 15: OPEN Backups: (Will not be open until all parts are taken)
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Decided to remake my part cuz my other one sucked
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My coot dog :"3
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Map part 8 good life
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What does dog say in reality
My dog xD created using @flipagram See more at https://flipagram.com/f/1K5RZH9Hdrd
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I have ONE thing clear I hate criticism. I am one of those people who can't handle it so please don't. I know it's bad but please if this happens 3 times and I repeat 3 TIMES the comments will be disabled.
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Woomy #2
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Map part 7 Sponge on Me (why the fuck did I make this)
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You know the drill this whole contest is for fun don't take it seriously.. (don't get mad when you lose this isn't about winning it's about having fun Thank You. Nutella Off to the rules! 1. You are not allowed to use ANYTHING but something to due with Splatoon 1/2 if this rule isn't followed it's a high chance of getting kicked. 2. Do not use other people's art in anyway I won't judge your style. Even if they allow you no. I'm sorry. This is a verbal warning. 3. There is absolutely no dropping out once your in.. your in until the summertime so if you think your going to drop out then I suggest you don't join 4. I've been through this a bunch and I don't want to again. Do not start to over react when you aren't in the top 3.. this is for fun not competitive also don't beg for a part in the contest if I find this I'll just ignore you and you won't be in 5. Yes use any song you want as long as it's not a sexual or gross meaning like "hold me tight" or "bleep me" just no you'll immediately get kicked and I mean what I say 6. Why not. If you read the rules tell me what song your going to use :3 and your favourite colour or food even all if you'd like :) 7. I repeat your music videos have to be at least 45 seconds and minimum of fps is 10. Winner Prizes! Each winner will earn 1-3 speedpaints and a 10 second animation. Also a shout out Rewards are completely optional!
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My cute doggo
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