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erutroT noiniM
Just found a prisoner escaping from Meme Jail. Now he will face the consequences...
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Disembodied Botox-Injected Face of Thomas Does the Styrofoam Challenge
Thomas/Tim, Jim, Shweck and Jerry-Jerry take part in the Styrofoam Challenge where someone pours styrofoam all over them. Nominated by John Doe, now they nominate Dick the Head from JAR Media.
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Complete Summary of Logan Paul's Video
This video is a parody of Logan Paul's behaviour towards the hanging corpse he saw in the woods. Nothing parodying against the body. Suicide isn't a joke
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Dress Up #1
No description really.
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Mute the volume if you don't wanna hear glushing that sounds satirical
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Showing off My Stone Faces
Just showing my limestone mould and ceramic mould of a head. Video belongs to Flammable Gas JD.
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Buy Gillette deodorants, razors and other items today!
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Stone Face Ritual Part 2
Finishing the ritual off by sucking the life and soul out of the sacrificing object.
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Baby Stone Faces
This is what baby stone faces look like. Stone faces have a lifespan of over 2000 years. Once they "die", they can come back as a spirit. Ignore the weird videos in the suggestions. They are there because I put the tag "Stone faces" And since YouTubes has a godawful algorithm, they put these videos out.
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Tim Johnston
This video was filmed back at the end of March. The stone faces all arrange and gather up to meet Tim.
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Schweck Birthday
This video was originally filmed in 16 September as it was Schwecks birthday.
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Pokemon GO Song - Remix
I found a video on the YT of someone doing a Pokemon GO song remix troll video, but I can't find it anymore for some reason. This is my remake sort of version of it.
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Hoarse Video
Hoarse video of a horse doing some weird things, Happy 4th of July, Americans
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Horse Face-cam
Some horse running about with a camera. *No fake comments written possibly by a robot along the lines of: "Hey flammable gas jd, i love your video, please follow me on instagram or donate to me on patreon" (FUCKING REALLY?! I don't want bullshit comments from possible trolls)
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Ghost Chilli Challenge (Shitty Talking Tom Video)
.moT gniklaT yb oediv ypparc A
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The Banana Fate
I buried the minion in dirt in a forest. And the day I filmed this was when I recovered it from the dirt. Now it will face being buried again. Next time I got to the forest, I am going to recover the minion to see if it's in the same position as it was buried in this video
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Eye Surgery #3
Last video of the short "Eye surgery" videos Again, based on The Terminator (1984)
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Finding Schweck
(This video was filmed back from 17/9/2016) First video I filmed with my small garden ornament head I call Schweck
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Hostage Minion
Screw that schmuck known as DanTDM
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LEGO JAR Media Members
Showing my Lego structures of Dick the Head and Shwep the Bird from JAR Media. (youtube.com/jarmedia)
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Jim Birthday
Nov 1
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Stone Face Ritual
Tony has been captured and then used for sacrificing in this ritual.
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Meet Our Newest Member, Tim! (A.K.A Thomas)
My small smiling stone face came in the mail so I decided to make an introduction video.
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Stone Face Staring Contest
Pretty much, stone faces can't win in staring contests. Their eyes normally stay open for as long as they want.
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Le Beer
Le Beer
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Finding Schweck #2
Filmed at the same day I filmed "Finding Schweck" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM2qDv9purc)
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*Early Leak* KSI v Logan Paul
I had a time machine so I used it to go forward in time and I witnessed the ultimate showdown of KSI's and Logan Paul's boxing match. I managed to record it and now I have posted it, and done a lil bit of editing. Enjoy 🙂 Music Credit: Rocky theme song (bass boosted/earrape) Sad Piano Music https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_JYHk_D5A44
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