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How to correctly use your Travelon® waterproof phone pouch. #12505
Here are detailed instructions on the correct use of your Travelon® waterproof phone pouch.
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Travelon Anti-Theft Urban N/S Messenger Bag Style 42584
The Anti-Theft Urban® North South Messenger Bag features a roomy main compartment that holds an iPad® or tablet. The organizer section includes an RFID blocking card slot, zippered mesh pocket, card slots and a wall pocket. Even the inside of the flap is organized with a pen loop and zippered mesh pocket. The exterior has a zippered mesh expansion pocket for a water bottle and an add-a-bag strap. The Anti-Theft features include a locking compartment, slash proof chain link body construction, and a cut-proof shoulder strap. US patent 6,742,636; other patent pending.
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Travelon® Anti-Theft Protection
Travelon® brings you safety and security with Anti-Theft bags and accessories. Slash-proof construction; cut-proof and locking shoulder straps; locking compartments; and RFID blocking card, passport slots and wallets protect you (and your identity) from pickpockets and thieves. Travel Easier and Safer™ with Travelon®.
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Toiletry sheets for travel and camping from Travelon®
Toiletry sheets for convenient freshening up on the go. Just add water and you instantly have laundry soap, hand soap, shaving cream, shampoo and body wash. Compact and easily packed away these are perfect for camping or when you're on the road! Style #12091
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Travelon Space-Mates Compression Packing Bags Style 12464, 12465, 12466
Triple your packing and storage space with the Space-Mates Compression Bags from Travelon. Each Space-Mates bag is made from soft, supple PVC and features a self-sealing static strip. No zippers or clips, needed. Simply pull the tabs to align the static seal strips and rub your hand across to remove any air bubbles or pockets. The seal is air and water tight. Space-Mates Compression Bags come in sets of 2 in small (11" x 17"), medium (15" x 24") and large (22" x 28.75") sizes. Also available as a set of 3 with one small, one medium and one large Space-Mates. Small: Style No: 12463 - 11" x 16" Medium: Style No: 12464 - 15.5" x 24.5" Large: Style No: 12465 - 17.5" x 28.5 or Set of 3 in each size: Style No.: 12466 Material PVC
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About Travelon
Travelon designs and manufactures innovative travel solutions to make your life easier. Located in the Chicago area, we pride ourselves on innovation. Check out our video to learn more about us!
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Travelon Hanging Toiletry Kit Style 82730
Perhaps the perfect toiletry kit, this convenient kit hangs flat from a hook or towel bar for easy access to its contents. With the seven storage areas including zippered pockets, compartments, and built-in shelf, there's a place for everything.
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How to adjust the straps on your #43045 backpack from Travelon®
Here is a step by step video on how to convert your Travelon® Classic Small backpack from a shoulder bag to a backpack.
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About Don Godshaw, President and CEO of Travelon
Sneak a behind the scenes look at Don's life and his passion for travel, sports, and his work with Adaptive Adventures, a charity that provides progressive sports opportunities to people with disabilities.
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Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Slim Bag  #43051
Front Compartment with Tamper-Secure™ zippers prevents unwanted intrusion. Firearm holster secures to rigid back wall for safe and secure draw. Main Compartment has organizer with RFID blocking card and passport slots. Padded and fleece lined pocket for iPad® or other tablet. Slash resistant body panels and shoulder straps, locking zippers and lockdown hardware make this the perfect bag for discreet self protection.
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Travelon Waterproof Pouch
Watch as an iPhone goes almost 50 feet under the surface of the Arctic Ocean completely protected by a Travelon Water Proof pouch.
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Travelon Universal 3-in-1 Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger Style 02042
This 3-in-1 Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger offers worldwide compatibility in a compact, easily portable device. Step-down converter for intermittent use from 0 to 1875W. For use with electronics up to 25W (0.2A). Automatically detects inbound voltage and converts to 110V. USB charger works on 110V and 220V AC (1A) to charge all your USB mobile electronics both here and abroad. Weighs just 5 ounces. Includes adapter plugs.
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Kellyn's Travelon Story
Kellyn S. tells Travelon how our anti-theft locking zippers saved her on a trip to Buenos Aires.
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Chris's Travelon Story
Carry-on testimonial Chris B.
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Anti-Theft Tailored Convertible Crossbody Clutch  Style #43202
Wear it two ways, as a cross body or a clutch. Locking main compartment with RFID protection. Locking zippers and slash-resistant body panels help keep your possessions safe.
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Travelon® Anti-Theft Protection
Travelon bags patented anti-theft technologies protect you four ways: 1. Slash-Resistant Body Panels 2. Slash-Resistant Straps 3. Locking Compartments and Locking straps 4. RFID Protected Slots and Pockets Shop Travelon ▶ http://bit.ly/2uGGSut Subscribe to our YouTube Channel ▶ http://bit.ly/2vF2fka Travel safer and easier with Travelon. About Travelon: Founded as a domestic manufacturer of luggage carts more than 30 years ago, Travelon is now an industry leader of travel products and accessories. We are at the forefront of interpreting changing market conditions into products designed to make Travel Easier and Safer™ for our consumers and to make the sale of our products easier and financially rewarding for our retail partners. Today our Travelon branded line of travel accessories includes more than 400 products.
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Travelon MÜV Digital Scale Style 12775
Weigh, don't guess with the MüV Digital Scale from Travelon. This digital scale quickly and accurately weighs your checked luggaged up to 110 lbs.
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The anti-theft Lockdown Bag from Travelon® #13275
This bag is impervious to slashing and cutting. Put your valuables in and lock them up safely. Anti-theft at its best from the leader in anti-theft travel bags, Travelon®
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Travelon Worldwide Dual USB Charger and Adapter Style 12712
Charge your iPad® or tablet, and a smart phone with this Dual USB Charge and Adapter Plug Set just about anywhere you travel. It's dual voltage and has adapter plug for the US, UK, Australia, and the EU.
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Cleaning a Travelon@ Bag
Here's the correct way to clean a Travelon® bag.
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Anti-Theft Classic Sling Bag from Travelon®  Style #42887
Locking compartments Slash-proof construction Adjustable, cut-proof sling strap attaches to post or chair RFID blocking card and passport slots Mesh expansion pocket holds a water bottle
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Travelon First Class Sleeper, Style 12304
Sleep better and more comfortably when you travel by plane, car, bus or train. The 1st Class Sleeper® inflates easily with just 10 -12 breaths. It provides lumbar and neck support and folds to fit into its own carry-bag. Product Closed: 8.5" x 8.25" x 2.75" Product Open: 32.5" x 20" x .25"
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Classic Collection for 2018 from Travelon®
The Classic Collection for 2018 from Travelon® The number one choice of anti-theft bags for travelers.
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Tailored Collection for 2018 from Travelon®
Timeless silhouettes and thoughtful organization come together in this elegant line from Travelon®, the industry standard in anti-theft travel bags.
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The Packable Backpack from Travelon®
This lightweight, roomy backpack folds down into a tiny package. Great for camping or traveling! Super convenient! Easily packed away! Style #42817
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Heritage Small Cross Body Bag #33071
The new Heritage line from Travelon is here! Check out the awesome Small Cross Body Bag. Style #33071 RFID Protection, Slash resistant shoulder straps, Slash-resistant body panels.
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Anti-Theft Classic Convertible Small Tour Bag  Style #43044
Functional, stylish bag that converts easily from a shoulder/crossbody bag to a belt bag. Complete with all of the anti-theft features that Travelon® is famous for.
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Travelon 18" Wheeled Underseat Bag
This functional and attractive carry-on has a roomy main compartment that can hold the largest laptop. Front organizer has room for an iPad or other tablet. Fits beneath airline seats. Style #84043
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The Packable Crossbody Tote from Travelon®
This super lightweight Crossbody Tote folds down into a tiny package, making it perfect for camping or traveling. It's amazing how such a roomy tote can fold down so small!! Style #42815
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Anti-Theft Urban Sling Bag Style #43103
Easy access with left or right shoulder convenience. Slash-resistant shoulder straps and body panels, lockdown hardware and locking zippers make this bag perfect for travel. Complete with interior RFID blocking card slots.
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Anti-Theft Urban® Incognito Backpack from Travelon  #43311
A perfect bag for the urban commuter or traveller. With a unique silhouette, and all the anti-theft features that Travelon® is famous for, this backpack is perfect for all your traveling needs.
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Anti-Theft Tailored Crossbody Phone Pouch Style #43203
Perfect when you need a mini to carry your accessories! RFID blocking to protect your passport and credit cards. Locking hardware and zippers helps keep valuables safe. Fits a Samsung Note or an iPhone® 7 plus.
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Universal 3 in 1 Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger #02042
Never worry about using your electronics overseas again! This 3-in-1 Adapter, Converter, and USB Charger offers worldwide compatibility in a compact, easily portable device. Step-down converter for intermittent use from 0 to 1875W. For use with electronics up to 25W (0.2A). Automatically detects inbound voltage and converts to 110V. USB charger works on 110V and 220V AC (1A) to charge all your USB mobile electronics both here and abroad. Weighs just 5 ounces. Includes adapter plugs.
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Travelon Wet/Dry 1 Quart Bag with Plastic Bottles Style 11024
As TSA regulations change, so do your travel necessities. Comply with TSA 3-1-1 liquid carry-on regulations with Travelon's Wet/Dry 1-Quart Bag with Plastic Bottles. This bag combines a 1 quart bag with 2nd compartment for non-liquids and features a 360 degree swivel hook to hang at your convenience. Includes three 2 oz reusable bottles, two 0.5 oz jars and one 1.2oz bottle with atomizer.
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Anti-Theft Tailored E/W Organizer Style #43199
This bag comes with two locking compartments. The front compartment has a zip wall pocket. As with all of Travelon® bags this has slash-resistant body panels and shoulder straps, RFID blocking inner pockets, locking zippers and lockdown hardware. This bag is stylish, functional and theft-resistant.
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Anti-Theft Tailored Satchel Style #43197
Our Tailored line features all of Travelon's anti-theft tech. Roomy, elegant and highly organized.
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Classic Light Convertible Crossbody & Waist Pack #42952
Converts quickly from a crossbody bag to a waist pack. Comes complete with all the anti-theft features that makes Travelon #1 in anti-theft bags; Slash-resistant body panels and shoulder straps, locking zippers, lockdown hardware and RFID protection.
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Anti-Theft Tailored N/S Slim Bag Style #43201
This versatile bag is large enough to fit your iPad® or other tablet plus lots more! Keep your possessions secure with anti-theft features such as slash-resistant body panels and shoulder straps, locking zippers and lockdown hardware. All of this comes with RFID protection too!
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Safe ID Executive Organizer From Travelon®  #83099
Effectively blocks RFID readers from capturing information Includes 10 card slots, passport pocket, compartment for tickets/currency and zip pocket
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Anti-Theft Shoulder Strap
Replace your old shoulder strap with this new anti-theft version from Travelon. Built in cables makes this strap slash-resistant. Twist lock lock clips attach to your bags existing D rings so you can lock your bag to an stationary object. Smooth glide adjustable strap and top grain leather make this strap a perfect replacement. Style#43107
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Anti-Theft Classic Essential Messenger Bag Style #42457
Slash-proof main and organizer compartments Interior pockets and card slots provide organization Adjustable cut-proof shoulder strap attaches to post or chair Rear pocket keeps small, easy to lose items handy Removable LED light RFID blocking card and passport slots
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Travelon Add-A-Bag Strap Style 12668
Travelon Add-A-Bag Strap attaches to any suitcase and allows you to carry another bag easily.
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Anti-Theft Active™ Tour Bag Style #43124
This stylish bag comes with all the security and organization that Travelon® is famous for; slash-resistant shoulder straps and body panels, locking zippers and RFID blocking card and passport slots. Also features mesh expansion pocket for water bottles and an integrated key clip with LED light attached.
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Anti-Theft Classic Plus 2 Compartment Backpack  #42940
This roomy and well organized two compartment backpack not only comes with all of Travelon's anti-theft features, it's made extra comfortable to wear with it's cool-mesh back panel.
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Anti-Theft  Signature Twin Pocket Hobo #42947
This twin pocket bag provides superior organization, anti- theft technologies and functional good looks. As with all of our anti-theft bags this comes with a tethered key clip with an LED light attached.
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Anti-Theft Classic Plus Convertible Backpack From Travelon® #43085
Carry two ways...as a backpack or a shoulder/messenger bag. Large enough for your laptop and your tablet. Comes complete with all the security features Travelon® is famous for; lockdown hardware, locking zippers, RFID blocking card slots, slash resistant shoulder straps and body panels
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Marian Lee Testimonial
World Travel blogger Marian Lee talks about her travel, her style and her love of adventure. She describes how Travelon® products are an important part of her travel life. See Marian's travel blog at jetsetgo360.com
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Heritage Tote Style #33075
The new Heritage line from Travelon features the Tote. Anti-theft properties include RFID shielded inner pockets, lockdown hardware, slash-resistant shoulder straps and slash-resistant body panels. 100% cotton, durable canvas and water resistant.
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Anti-Theft Active Daypack  Style #43129
Here's a comfortable, lightweight daypack that comes complete with all of the anti-theft technology that Travelon® is famous for. Featuring slash-resistant shoulder straps and body panels, locking zippers and RFID blocking card and passport slots to keep you safe from ID theft.
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Lockdown Slash Proof Bag from Travelon®  #13275
Keep your valuables locked down and safe on the go! Slash proof material, slash proof straps and a rugged lock.
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