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The Ultimate Cartoon Video Maker.

Browse our animated templates section and pick the one you like best. Log in to your Biteable account. No account? No problem. Set one up now — it’s free and only takes a few seconds. Edit the template — go as crazy as you want. Add and delete scenes, add text, change the colors to match your brand, add the perfect audio track…you can even ditch the template and start from scratch. Hit publish and wow viewers with your shiny new cartoon video made with Biteable, indisputably the world’s coolest cartoon video maker [citation needed] . Our templates are super customizable so you can add even more flavor. You can upload your own photos, video footage, and audio tracks, or even add your own voiceover! And best of all, we’ve made it incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Ready to get started? Make your first video. Create your free account and make videos in minutes! Why you should create a cartoon video. Cartoons cross boundaries. Almost every culture in the world has cartoons in one form or another, and they are palatable to all ages. Cartoon characters generally have no specific nationality, race, or age, and some of them don’t even have a gender. They can appeal to anyone. Cartoons are trustworthy. Cartoons are inherently friendly and innocent, so we’re much more likely to suspend our disbelief and take what they’re saying or doing at face value. We’re not thinking “he’s just saying that because he’s getting paid to say it” as we do when we see an actor in a television commercial. Quite simply, we trust cartoon characters more than we would a real person. Cartoons are disarming. Cartoons are inherently humorous so they can be used to soften sensitive subject matters or to liven up dull topics. That’s why most newspapers have editorial cartoonists. How often do you find that the newspaper cartoonist is saying something outrageous that no-one else in the paper is able to say (despite it being what everyone is thinking)? Cartoons communicate. You can convey information more quickly with something visual, and cartoons, by their nature, are highly simplified versions of the real world. Cartoons, then, can convey more information in a short time than just about any other medium. A CARTOON MAKER THATS EASY AND FUN. Biteable is a cartoon video maker that has almost no learning curve but produces studio-quality results. Try it for free today! Cartoon video tips. Ready to make a real head-turner of a video? Before you start creating, here are a few tips to help your creation shine. What makes a great cartoon video? Give your cartoon video a leg-up by sticking to a few golden principles.